Best Bachelor Programs in International Relations in Spain 2022

According to QS Top Universities, in 2018 Spanish universities have welcomed more than 100,000 students to enroll in one of their programs. Because of their reputation for delivering high-quality education and the affordability of public universities, international students tend to find themselves in this country.

Aside from the many learning opportunities that students are presented with in Spain, you can enjoy the thrill of learning a new language while studying in English. After finishing high school in their home country or abroad, international students usually look forward to expanding their knowledge further and experiencing tertiary education in a different country. 

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Even if Spanish is not their first language, students in Spain can benefit from the numerous programs in some of the best universities offering courses/classes in English as the language of instruction. 

Here are some of the best bachelor’s degrees in International Relations in Spain: 

Degree in International Business 

Taught at the University of Valencia, this program offers students the opportunity to choose the languages of instruction: English, Valencian, or Spanish. Upon completion of this four-year degree, students will be able to perform the following skills in their future careers: 

  • Manage the financial sector of a company. 
  • Apply the gained skills in a problem-solving environment. 
  • Make contacts and professionally communicate the ideas. 
  • Include the economic background in international institutions. 

Students must take a few basic training courses in the first two years of their bachelor’s degree. In the 2nd year, they can take optional classes in several courses related to Business and Global Management, International Marketing and Economics, International Research, to name a few. 

Dual Degree in Journalism and International Relations 

This dual degree is available at the European University of Madrid, a university with campuses in different parts of Spain. However, this program is available only in Madrid. Courses in communication are the most important for students to implement in the world of global marketing and business. 

With courses such as Professional Etiquette, Investigation of Sociology Techniques, or TV Report, students have the chance to work with major professional organizations and collaborative organizations in Media and Communication. 

A five-year program equips students with the critical thinking skills required for this type of career. Each student has a personal tutor to help maximize their learning. 

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations  

Part of the School of Sciences and Communication, the bachelor’s degree in International Relations is available at three different campuses of the European University of Madrid. You can either study at Madrid or Valencia, both campuses offering only in-person lectures and courses. 

Students have the opportunity to attend different classes with several points of interest. Some of the most important include Current Affairs, International Cooperation, and International Negotiation. Other than sitting in classes, workshops in these specific subjects welcome students to expand their knowledge in a practical environment in the form of seminars. 

Graduates of International Relations from this university have found employment in many related fields of professionalism such as the foreign ministry institutions, business schools, and other private agencies with similar missions. 

Global Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations 

The European University of Madrid is home to many programs related to the field of International Relations. Another popular program is the Global bachelor’s degree in International Relations which is entirely in English and at the only location available, Madrid. 

This program provides studies on many aspects of the International Relations area: History, Theory, Concepts, Communications, as well as Human, Economic and Political relations. The majority of enrollments at this program are international students, therefore the English language is a must for admission. 

As part of the curriculum, students must take the fourth year abroad in the most prestigious international universities in the world which are The London School of Economics, The Pace University in New York, and The McGill University in Canada. 

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Law

The University of Deusto offers this program in two languages of instruction, training students to work in the best of both worlds: law and global events. It introduces students to a world of opportunities in many areas of specialization including the political, social, legal, environmental, and other economical fields. 

Considering you will be exploring the two scenes of global and law, it will require students to attend studies full time for five years. Within these five years, students must take a semester abroad in one of the partner universities in the country that you prefer. The partner universities are located in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa. 

You will have to attend classes both in English and Spanish, as listed in the requirements for enrollment. International students must provide proof of proficiency for each of these languages. 

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations 

Cardenal Herrera University located in Valencia, Spain, offers an undergraduate degree in Political Science and International Relations which takes four years to complete. You will be graduating with an official title in Political Science. The only language of instruction is Spanish, so it is a requirement to prove language proficiency in your application for admission

The knowledge gained at this program includes several professional fields including Political Science, understanding the basis of Administration Science, Social Sciences and Social Research methodologies, Public Law along Administrative and Constitutional Law. 

After graduation, you can specialize in many fields related to your bachelor’s degree. Some of them include Political Science Journalism, Political Science Advertising and Public Relations, Political Science Law, and/or Business Management. 

Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy 

The Bachelor’s program in International Relations and Diplomacy offered by the Schiller International University provides students with up-to-date teaching methodologies. The university delivers classes entirely in English as the only language of instruction for this degree. Compared to public schools, private schools in Spain can be unaffordable for the average student; with a tuition fee of €15,400 per year. The bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy is a full-time program and it takes approximately 40 months to complete. 

Located in one of the most vibrant cities of Spain, Madrid, this university allows students to choose between face-to-face learning or online learning. Considering the benefits of online learning, international students can use it as a way to save both time and money. The tuition fee for distance learning in this program is approximately €15,300. 

Bachelor of International Management 

Geneva Business School offers the Bachelor of International Management with the possibility of specializing in International Relations after receiving this undergraduate degree. With campuses in the two of the most expensive cities in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona, students will be attending classes in English only. 

International students enrolling in this program will be benefiting from a professional tutoring staff in several focus subjects such as:

  • International Human Rights
  • Cross-Border Issues
  • Foreign International Relations
  • Politics and Diplomacy

The program lasts for three semesters. Students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition fee (€7,000) per semester, can benefit from other financial assistance options, such as working as an intern while studying in universities in Spain.