Best Law Schools in Spain

Numerous students see Spanish universities as the perfect destination to study a law degree. It is actually a top international student choice for a variety of degree programmes, and this is largely due to its excellent higher education system and top-tier universities. Throughout the years, many international students have pursued their law qualifications in Spain’s educational institutions, creating this way a successful career with outstanding qualifications. 

Studying Law in Spain

The study of law is a common choice among ambitious students who would like to enter this career path. The law degree in Spain is actually largely renowned around the world and such programmes provide a multi-system approach which covers all aspects of knowledge to legal education. Spanish institutions, for example, mainly focus on the legal systems of Spain, the EU, and the US, but there are also educational institutions which only teach civil law. 

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To get a law degree in Spain, you should go through undergraduate training in law first, after which you can apply to your respective law school. After graduation, law students in Spain should enter a period of training, lasting two years, which is finalized with a state exam. You will not be eligible to practice law without having passed the aforementioned state exam. Although it might seem like a lengthy process, there is a wide range of job opportunities afterwards. 

If you are not proficient in the Spanish language, there are universities in Spain that offer English-taught classes. However, if you wish to study law in Spain in English, it would be best to contact universities directly, since a majority of programmes is offered in Spanish. On the bright side, there are numerous English-speaking universities in Spain, as well as international universities, that only offer classes in English, where you will be able to find numerous law programmes. 

Here are the top law schools in Spain:

1. IE Law School

Average tuition: 31,700 EUR/year

IE Law School is one of the best law schools in Spain, recognized for its everlasting experience and efficiency, trained and equipped with the skills to help lawyers become the best in their professions. A top-tier faculty where students can prepare for a successful career by getting a fresh perspective on the world and learning how to overcome the obstacles of tomorrow. IE Law School is known to provide innovative, multidisciplinary legal education, which is globally oriented and world-class. This institution holds amongst its values a culture of innovation and technological immersion, to fully prepare for a complex digital world.

Location: Madrid, Spain

2. University of Navarra

Average tuition: 31,000 EUR/year

This university provides students with an ongoing support system to get the best education in their chosen field of study, including law. With the aim of encouraging innovation and development, the University of Navarra constantly strives to contribute to the training of students through numerous means of knowledge, including the acquisition of professional and personal skills and habits. A characteristic of its Faculty of Law includes teaching that is characterized by excellence and quality scientific research, which is among the assets ranking this university as one of the best in the field of law. 

Location: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

3. ESADE – Law School

Average tuition: 28,200 EUR/year

Known as a global institution, structured as a Business School, Law School, as well as an Executive Education area, Esade is renowned for its quality of education, international outlooks, and its focus on the areas that matter. The Esade Law School is divided into three parts, two of which have campuses in Barcelona, and the third one is located in Madrid. As a highly-accessible educational institution, it provides students with the ability to communicate effectively and be great contributors to the world of law. Social commitment and innovation towards the improvement of society are essentially the virtues that define this school.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

4. University of Barcelona

Average tuition: 19,000 EUR/year

The Faculty of Law at the University of Barcelona is known as one of the most historic faculties in Catalonia. As one of the oldest institutions at this university, it has been offering a large variety of courses throughout the years, creating this way some of the best professionals in the field of law. Presently, this faculty offers undergraduate degree programmes in the field of Law, Political Science, Criminology, Public Management and Administration, as well as Labor Relations. There are also numerous master’s degrees, a PhD programme, and a variety of postgraduate courses. Students get quality education through a combination of traditional and modern teaching.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

5. Pompeu Fabra University 

Average tuition: 16,000 EUR/year

Pompeu Fabra University, a public university in the city of Barcelona, where teaching and research are internationally recognized. Every year, this university welcomes around 1,500 international students, who enter the university with the aims of receiving a quality education. This university is well-packed with the necessary skills, knowledge and resources to provide ambitious students with exactly what they need, especially in the field of law. With some of the best student services, comfortable study environments, and personalized guidance and employment opportunities, this university has managed to become truly attractive to students. 

Location: Barcelona, Spain

6. Higher Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE)

Average tuition: 9,000 EUR/year

ISDE is a world-renowned quality university that is essentially projected for the modern world, with great command in its study methods and techniques. Students get to earn their skills and knowledge from some of the greatest experts in national and international firms. What is crucial to this educational institution is that students get to experience a true training in a real environment so that they can become the best version of themselves both professionally and personally. Ever since its establishment, ISDE has been integrating students into some of the best law firms in the world, as part of their real practice methodology. 

Location: Madrid, Spain

7. University Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)

Average tuition: 8,000 EUR/year

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid offers quality teaching that meets the demanding criteria set by a global labour market. Its aspirations are largely related towards becoming one of the best European universities, and its degree programmes already rank among national as well as international rankings. UC3M is committed to train students as best it can and encourage them to show their utmost potential. As its values, the university lists merit, capacity, efficiency, equity, and equality among others. Students are welcomed into an environment that values them as individuals with ambition and potential. 

Location: Getafe, Madrid, Spain

8. University of Zaragoza

Average tuition: 3,000 EUR/year

Among some of the most prestigious universities in Spain, University of Zaragoza, has shown world-class quality in education ever since its founding in 1542. The Faculty of Law at this university is taught through a combination of both the theoretical as well as the practical aspect, to better prepare students for the labour market of today and the future. Its international ranking has increased throughout the years, and the university is constantly committed to its international mobility. University of Zaragoza welcomes nearly a thousand students from overseas in its educational premises annually, creating an ideal international environment where students can simply thrive. 

Location: Zaragoza, Spain