Best Universities to Study Psychology in Spain

Spain is one of the most attractive destinations to pursue a psychology degree, due to its quality of education as well as the cost of living in Spain. Psychology universities in Spain are suitable for any international student since most of them offer affordable tuition fees. The number one step to becoming a psychologist in Spain is earning a degree in this profile. Additionally, as an international student, you can study psychology in Spain in English. While you search for the definitive study program in Spanish universities, it is best advised to have prior knowledge of the admissions process and the required documents for enrolling in a university. 

Here are the top universities to study psychology in Spain:

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University of Barcelona 

The University of Barcelona is known as a world-connected university, notable for its employability rates, teaching quality, and distinguished services. The University of Barcelona has one of the most comprehensive collections of high-quality academic programs. If you are passionate about learning how the brain functions in certain contexts, what is the distinction between the conscious and unconscious mind, along with other case studies which fall under the subdiscipline of psychology; then be ready to join the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Barcelona.

This faculty strives to provide comprehensive and relevant training to its undergraduate and postgraduate students, with a particular emphasis on continuous improvement of teaching quality, support services, and infrastructure. As an international student, you will get to participate in the most up-to-date training program and conduct research to further your knowledge of the psychology discipline. 

Complutense University of Madrid

The initial name of the university is linked to the ancient Roman settlement at the site of Alcalá de Henares called Complutum. When founded, the original name was the University of Alcalá de Henares. It was renamed the Complutense University of Madrid in 1970 after it was moved to Madrid. The social sciences, which include the Faculty of Psychology, are one of many areas of study at this university. Complutense University offers coursework in English not only for a psychology degree but in many other fields, such as chemistry, economics, education, and many others. 

International students can engage themselves in any of these programs: Occupational Risk Prevention – Specialty in Applied Ergonomics and Psychosociology, Psychology of Education, Social Psychology, and Work, Organizational and Human Resource Management Psychology. Because it is one of the most prestigious colleges in Spain, a degree from this university will open numerous possibilities for you once you graduate. Its Master’s and Ph.D. programs are highly regarded.

Autonomous University of Barcelona 

Founded in 1968, the Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public institution that assures qualitative education and serves as a resource center in Spain and the European Union. Academic teaching at UAB is multidisciplinary in nature, and it is intimately linked to various research initiatives. Connected to the field of psychology, UAB offers outstanding degrees which encompass two levels of degrees, bachelor’s, and master’s. Since the university itself is confederated with around a dozen independent centers and schools, international students receive a more transversal option of learning.

The Autonomous University of Barcelona provides a rich study guide to all the interested students. Studying psychology at the master’s level in this university means that you will have the chance to pick from various nuances of psychology specializations. The master’s degree in General Health Psychology along with Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity offers fruitful coursework that leads to becoming a professional psychologist. As for the bachelor’s degree, the Fundamentals of Psychobiology I is the single and most important selection.

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, a pioneer in online education, is constantly refining the UOC methodology through cutting-edge E-learning research and innovation. Additionally, The UOC is a member of MIT’s Jameel World Education Lab, which aims to promote educational quality and transformation. The department’s psychology courses are diverse and meet professional and societal needs at all times, thus making the Faculty of Psychology a prominent source of knowledge. International students pursuing psychology studies at this faculty are accompanied and assisted in their learning process by a constructivist teaching technique.

University master’s degrees include Educational Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Learning Difficulties and Language Disorders, Quality Management, and Evaluation in Higher Education, to mention a few. Besides the Psychology and Social Education degree which are available at the bachelor level, one can pursue a doctoral degree either in Health and Psychology, Information and Knowledge Society, or Education and ICT. 

Universitat Abat Oliba

The Abat Oliba CEU University arose from the University Centre Abat Oliba CEU, which was established in 1973 by the San Pablo CEU Foundation through a subscription agreement with Barcelona University. Abat Oliba CEU University’s objective is to give students a complete education focused on quality. The academic area of psychology leaves international students satisfied with degree options. In addition to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, one can also pick a Specialized course in Coaching in Sports. The strongest reason why this university is a go-to has to do with the fact that more than 70% of the teaching staff are active professionals. 

Apart from the regular degree in psychology, international students will have the chance to pick a double degree, including Psychology + Criminology and Security and Psychology + Philosophy. The former will take five years to complete, whereas the latter, one year less. Other degrees of much interest include the official master’s degree in General Health Psychology, a degree in Psychology + Specialization program in People and Organizations Management, and a master’s degree in Sports Psychology and Coaching.

University of Valencia

For five centuries, the University of Valencia has served as an intellectual powerhouse and has amassed a name that is known across the world. The University of Valencia has risen to the top five scientific centers in Spain as a result of its dedication to quality and the breadth of its teaching and research activities in all fields of knowledge. There is no surprise why this institution would make your future bright. Under the Faculty of Philosophy fall the branch of Health Sciences, from which international and national students pick the degrees in Psychology and Speech Therapy.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology prepares professionals with the scientific knowledge required to understand, interpret, analyze, and explain human behavior. In addition, students learn the fundamental skills and abilities to evaluate and intervene in individual and social settings to promote and improve health and quality of life. The goal of the degree in Speech Therapy is to give academic and practical training to assist in the resolution of various difficulties relating to voice, hearing, speech, and language.

University of Granada 

The comprehensive research university of Granada, as a forward-thinking historical university with locations across Granada, is actively involved with today’s city, province, and the surrounding region. The significant international position in both research and education was the driving force behind the success of the BioTic excellence initiative, which has made this university the fourth highest-ranked university. A degree in psychology is available in more than four psychology departments that have their own specific occupations, counting two of them: the Department of Experimental Psychology and the Department of Personality, Evaluation, and Psychological Treatment. 

Additionally, the Department of Social Psychology teaches subjects in various centers and degrees of the UGR (University of Granada). The Personality, Evaluation, and Psychological Treatment Department teaches in a bigger number and more diverse degrees than any other department. At the undergraduate level, it teaches Psychology, Speech Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Criminology, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, as well as other degrees at the Ceuta and Melilla campuses.

University of the Basque Country

The university’s motto “give and spread knowledge” tells us just how fundamentally attractive psychology studies must be. The University of the Basque Country is an integrating institution that seeks to generate knowledge, experience, and research in order to disseminate it to the public. As a highly regarded institution, it hosts the Faculty of Psychology under the Campus of Gipuzkoa which offers international students the opportunity to meet their academic ambitions and desires at three levels of studies: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Driven by the spirit of research, the General Research Services Unit (SGIker) commands the acquisition and handling of all research structures.

While pursuing a master’s degree in General Health Psychology, you will gain a great deal, particularly from training geared toward performing evaluations, diagnoses, and psychological interventions on any element of health-related behavior. At the same level, under the exclusive Faculty of Psychology, you will have the opportunity to follow either the Organizational Psychology and Psychosocial Intervention degree or the Psychology: Individual, Group, Organization, and Culture degree. The doctoral degree in psychology provides advanced instruction for research in several areas of psychology expertise.