Best Universities to Study Nursing in Spain

When we first think about studying in Europe or just visiting some European countries, Spain is always at the top of the list. International students do not only find an excellent higher education quality, but they also become part of a unique and memorable experience of the Spanish culture. Moreover — while studying in Spain — international students find themselves in a city full of tourist attractions and activities. 

The nursing degree belongs among some of the most prestigious degrees in Spain because of its European recognition and credentials that provide students with many employment opportunities. The nursing degree programs in Spanish universities have a better-structured study plan than most European higher education institutions.

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Here are some of the best universities to study nursing in Spain:

Francisco de Vitoria University

Francisco de Vitoria University is located in Madrid, and they offer nursing degree programs in Spanish. The Bachelor of Nursing at Francisco de Vitoria University is a three-year program in full-time mode. Although this program welcomes international students through exchange programs, some courses are limited to full-time students. For example, the university’s final degree project and extracurricular activities are unavailable for exchange students. 

The Francisco de Vitoria University’s popularity attracts international students to pursue their higher education degrees. Since it is a non-profit private higher education institution, its tuition fees are the same for all bachelor’s and master’s degrees, for an average of €5,300 per year. 

The Francisco de Vitoria University helps students towards their future careers by providing them with professional experience courses at the Advanced Clinical Simulation Center. This center is one of the best in Europe and allows students to learn via the latest technology facilities. 

University of Valencia 

The Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry at the University of Valencia offers a degree in Nursing, part of the health sciences department. The language of instruction is Spanish, and the four-year full-time is the only available study mode option. According to European laws, all students who graduate with a degree in Nursing at the University of Valencia can work as nurses. 

Because nursing is an essential part of the healthcare system, practical experience is required during studies. Therefore to earn all the 240 ECTS credits, students must enter an internship in any health institution. The training is supervised by a healthcare professional and an academic tutor to ensure maximum teaching and learning experience. 

There are two types of internships obtainable at the Faculty of Nursing and Podiatry:

  • Curricular internships. This type of internship is included in the syllabus and is obligatory for all students.
  • Extracurricular internships. As the name suggests, extracurricular internships are voluntary, although they provide students with the same results as the curricular internships. It is important to note that they are included in the European Diploma Supplement, qualifying students for future jobs. 

Jaume I University 

Since 2011, Jaume I University has offered a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and they provide students with the credentials to work as a certified nurse in any European health institution. The four-year degree program trains students mainly on the biopsychosocial aspects of humans. Similar to other nursing degrees in the Country, at Jaume I University, students will also be asked to complete internships immediately after the first year until graduation.  

There are many benefits to getting a nursing degree at Jaume I University, and below, you will see some of the most worth mentioning:

  • Well-trained academic staff. 
  • Suitable and helpful faculty spaces. 
  • Multiple exchange programs are available. 
  • A high-quality degree. 

The training for nursing students at Jaume I University is held both on campus and in particular clinical health institutions such as public and private hospitals and primary care centers close to the campus.

University of Jaen 

The University of Jaen offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing for all students who wish to become a nurse either in Spain or any health institution part of the European Union. As part of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the nursing degree at the University of Jaen is a four-year program, with Spanish as the only language of instruction. The University of Jaen has a unique training program to train future nursing professionals to do their best in the field. 

With a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Jaen, graduates will have the opportunity to choose between multiple master’s programs at the same university. Some of the most popular master’s programs in nursing include:

  • Critical Care Nursing and Emergency Care
  • Gerontology: Longevity, Health, and Quality 
  • Biotechnology and Biomedicine 
  • Health Sciences Research 
  • Occupational Risk Prevention

Aside from the professional experience and expertise that the University of Juen offers students, they also train them on the importance of relationship building, the human perspective of care, and the individual expectations of the nursing profession. 

University San Pablo Foundation CEU Andalusia

The School of Medicine at the University of San Pablo offers a degree in Nursing as part of the Faculty of Medicine. Although the university itself welcomes students from all over the world, this particular degree program is available in Spanish only, considering the nature of the field and the communication skills included in the course requirements. There is a B2 Spanish language proficiency requirement for admission to the Nursing degree program. 

With a Nursing degree from the University of San Pablo, students will learn to identify, assess and act accordingly to the patient’s needs. Although the individuals that choose to study nursing have already understood the importance of helping others in need, this degree program will strengthen the empathy of Nursing majors. There are many benefits to pursuing a Nursing degree at the University of San Pablo, including some of the following:

  • Professional and active teaching staff. 
  • Academic excellence. 
  • Practical and high-quality teaching methodology. 
  • Availability of international training opportunities. 
  • Multiple postgraduate programs are available. 

University of Zaragoza 

The University of Zaragoza offers nursing degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. The nursing program is available in the Faculty of Health Sciences. To get a master’s degree in nursing at the University of Zaragoza, students must already have a university degree. They also must prove Spanish language proficiency since the language of instruction is Spanish. 

The master’s degree in Nursing at the University of Zaragoza is a one-year program with a thorough curriculum finalized upon completion of a master’s dissertation, which makes for 12 of the total ECTS Credits. The rest of the syllabus throughout the two semesters includes the following subjects:

  • Theoretical care perspectives.
  • Research techniques.
  • Documentary, legal, and economic bases of care. 
  • Quality of life instruments. 
  • Ecological and holistic care.
  • Self-care and life quality for chronic patients.
  • Scientific research and writing.
  • Gender and health. 

University of Granada

The University of Granada has a large international student community, and according to Erudera ranking, they are the 4th largest university in Spain. With its world-class education, attractive university campus, exchange programs available, and professional academic staff, the University of Granada is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. 

The Nursing department at the University of Granada offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in Nursing. The nursing field is one of Granada’s developing fields, the importance of which was emphasized during the last century. The four-year nursing degree program at the University of Granada is made of five essential parts, which include: 

  1. Health Sciences
  2. Nursing Sciences
  3. Cross-Curricular Training
  4. Elective Subjects
  5. Internship and Dissertation 

Some of the main subjects and sectors of medicine in this degree program are:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Physiology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Essential and Public Health Care 
  • Pharmacology 
  • Psychology, etc. 

The elective subjects allow students to choose between a variety of subjects such as 

  • English for Specific Purposes
  • Infectious and Immunological Diseases 
  • Psychosocial Stress, etc. 

University of Cadiz 

Students who wish to pursue higher education studies at the University of Cadiz will be glad they made this decision for many reasons. One of the main reasons is the multiple scholarships and grants that the University of Cadiz offers and professional learning opportunities. 

The undergraduate degree in nursing at the University of Burgos is a four-year program, with the last year comprising only practical classes and the final degree project. The University of Cadiz works with a unique teaching methodology, delivering the learning material in four main areas of focus: 

  • Care
  • Teaching
  • Research 
  • Management 

With Spanish as the only language of instruction, nursing majors at the University of Cadiz will earn the highest qualifications and experience to work in any health institution or any European country. Some of the subjects of the nursing degree program syllabus are:

  • Human Anatomy 
  • Theoretical and Historical Bases of Nursing 
  • Human Biochemistry 
  • Bioethics 
  • Clinical Nursing I, II, and III
  • Public Health 
  • Pharmacology 
  • Community Nursing 
  • Practicum I, II, III, and IV