Best Universities to Study Graphic Design in Spain

The graphic design program reflects the artistic abilities of students to create something visually appealing and interesting. A class in graphic design will enlighten you on the usage of art, text, and layout to create an eye-catching image. Spain provides an affordable cost of studying since the living expenses and tuition fees are generally more affordable than in other EU countries. The universities of Spain are undoubtedly sources of career opportunities, and getting a graphic design degree from any Spanish university will be a good start to a great career. 

Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Graphic Design:

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European Institute Campus Stellae

The  European Institute Campus Stellae is valued for many reasons, but primarily for its clear objectives of promoting activities that relate to education, culture, art, and society. The European Institute Campus Stellae takes place in Santiago de Compostela and offers a dynamic studying environment to a large number of students. You will find all the existing modes of delivering education at this institution, such as face-to-face, semi-face-to-face training, and distance learning. Every year, many international students come to pursue design graphic studies at this university.

University Center of Technology and Digital Art

The University Center of Technology and Digital Art is an international multicultural environment where students are encouraged to follow their ambitions. You can choose a complete undergraduate degree, a graduate degree, or a postgraduate degree at this higher education institution. By being a prominent and deserving graphic design student, you can take advantage of U-tad’s internship opportunities. The Web and Graphic Design Diploma degree is highly sought after by employers because of graduates’ remarkable abilities to multitask in highly specialized areas.

European University of Valencia

International students can choose from a wide range of technical and vocational programs, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the Private University of Valencia. This institution puts its students at the heart of everything they do. The European University of Valencia assures you an environment where you will be the best of the best. You will learn by using a pedagogical paradigm that emphasizes collaborative work among many students from many disciplines. As a result, you will be among the most in-demand by employers.

BAU – College of Arts & Design Barcelona

The College of Arts & Design is affiliated with The University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia and offers official studies in design within the European Higher Education Area. Through the bachelor’s degree in design which belongs to the branch of Arts and Humanities, you will have four specializations to choose from, counting Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Audiovisual Design, Interior Design, and Fashion Design. BAU’s training approach provides a solid humanistic, cultural, artistic, technical, and methodological foundation, as well as up-to-date instruction.

University of Barcelona

Many refer to the University of Barcelona as one of the oldest universities in Spain and Catalonia. The University of Barcelona’s objective is to deliver a high-quality public service in higher education via teaching, research, and practical knowledge transfer management. This higher education has broad academic facilities, sixteen faculties, ten affiliated centers, and a doctoral school through which all its educational programs are run. The academic programs of the University of Barcelona are designed to help students successfully achieve numerous accreditations from a variety of organizations.

UNIBA – International University Center of Barcelona

The International University Center of Barcelona is part of the University of Barcelona and offers unmatched academic programs to students worldwide. There are many bachelor’s and master’s degrees from which you can pick a variety of programs. Online teaching is what defines the UNIBA, and through this mode of instruction, you will be trained with total flexibility, without the need to travel or adapt to specific schedules. The intensive use of new information and communication technologies has put this institution at the forefront of Spanish universities. 

Francisco de Vitoria University

The Francisco de Vitoria University is an international university that focuses on delivering a comprehensive education to its students. This goal encourages the university’s faculty and staff to give the best of themselves to raise the institution’s visibility. Francisco de Vitoria University is part of a global network of schools that comprises 22 colleges and universities in the United States and Europe. As a result, education will be provided in an international setting. The academic organization of the Francisco de Vitoria University has a unique style, combining European tradition with the practical approach typical to America.

ESDi Higher School of Design

With over 30 years of expertise teaching designers, ESDi is a prominent institute in university design studies. ESDi Higher School of Design is the only center with six design specializations, counting fashion, graphic, product, interior, audiovisual and multidisciplinary integration. You will be astonished by the fact that this university is the first to offer the double degree of Official Undergraduate Degree in Design + Bachelor in Smart Design and the possibility of carrying out these studies in English. Design classes at this school will have the most innovative tools for learning and practicing design. 

Complutense University of Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid is highly regarded, particularly for its excellent performance in various programs, such as computer science, health, engineering, and social sciences. For graphic design enthusiasts, the Art and Heritage Collection is a magical event in which many artworks, including paintings, sculptures, graphic design, and furniture, are collected to present the university’s history. The good news is that the Complutense heritage continues to grow each year due to the University’s many grants, awards, and creative contests, as well as gifts from other institutions, corporations, and individuals.

IED School of Design and Fashion Spain

For half a century, IED School of Design and Fashion Spain has been offering various degree programs to students from all over the world. The disciplines of design, fashion, visual communication, and management make this higher institution quite desirable. The IED is a rapidly growing international network that awards first-level academic credentials and hosts three-year courses, not to leave aside the master’s programs and advanced training programs. Design courses integrate culture, competence, technique, and planning. Thus, training you to become a professional who knows how to respond to this global market demand.