Best Universities to Study Accounting in Spain

A higher education degree means a new world of opportunities to grow professionally and start a rewarding career. Spanish universities are the ideal study abroad choices for international students to pursue their higher education studies. Suppose you have already decided on the field of study that is already one step closer to success, especially if that choice is an accounting degree in Spain. Aside from the many available study programs in Spain, the accounting profession invites graduates to various career options in multiple fields, including accounting, finance, auditing, banking, research, and more. 

Here’s a list of some of the best universities for accounting in Spain:

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University of Saragossa

The University of Saragossa is considered one the most popular universities to study accounting in Spain, and according to Erudera, it ranks among the 50 top universities in Europe. The University of Saragossa offers a wide range of specializations, including business administration, economics, and public accounting. The quality of the accounting degree program in this university is further proved with the honorable mention by the Spanish ministry of education. 

Moreover, the University of Saragossa has published some of the most notable research, both nationally and internationally. While studying accounting at this university, students learn about business management, and they have an almost guaranteed job position after graduation. 

Some of the career opportunities include working as: 

  • Auditors.
  • Controllers. 
  • Consultants.
  • Managers in the public sector.

University of Valencia

As a new degree that the University of Valencia offers, the accounting department prepares students for their professional careers with expertise in accounting, finances, and taxation. The language of instruction in this department is mainly a combination of languages, English and Spanish. Accounting majors at the University of Valencia learn through a thorough curriculum, including training at the professional level, several academic activities, and internship opportunities. 

Other benefits of studying accounting at this university include: 

  • Bright future. Graduates are adequately prepared for postgraduate studies and research degrees. 
  • Great qualifications. Accounting majors at the University of Valencia can work in a professional environment and are prepared to adapt to any situation that requires critical thinking skills. 
  • Skilled professionals. Graduates win communication skills, the ability to deliver and listen to new ideas, find solutions through a problem-solving approach, and be team players.

University of Navarra

The University of Navarra offers a detailed curriculum for accounting and finance majors, a degree that takes up to four years. Graduates can work in any business-related field. Students will learn the basics of accounting and the techniques of the financial industry. The University of Navarra also teaches accounting majors about the global markets and trends. 

With a degree in accounting at the University of Navarra, graduates have several job opportunities to work in different sectors such as investment banking, management companies, private banking, insurance, auditing, and consultancy. 

The accounting degree from the University of Navarra offers a total of 249 ECTS credits which consist of: 

  • Finance and financial markets. 
  • Accounting and regulation. 
  • Exchange program. 
  • Business organization. 
  • Quantitative methods.
  • Bachelor thesis.

Comillas Pontifical University

The Comillas Pontifical University has gone through significant development in terms of education and introducing new and innovative degree programs. International students worldwide pursue their higher education studies at this institution for a brighter future and a successful career. The Comillas Pontifical University offers only postgraduate degrees in accounting, which is combined with financial statement auditing and lasts a year in full-time mode. 

This degree program at the Comillas Pontifical University aims to train students to be professionals in auditing and accounting, with career prospects in famous auditing firms. Moreover, the university has professional internship agreements with influential auditing firms, which are always ready to welcome students and graduates at any stage of their studies.

One of the main reasons for choosing this university is its global reputation and recognition from various international companies.

Carlos III University of Madrid

The Carlos III University of Madrid focuses on delivering an excellent education quality for higher education studies and publishing world-renowned research papers. In the majority of academic and extracurricular activities that this university offers, the academic staff and students strive to show excellent results. According to the Erudera university ranks, this university is one of the best in Europe, especially for getting an accounting degree.

In other words, the bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting at the Carlos III University of Madrid equips students with specialized knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Auditing.
  • Analysis and Management of Investments. 
  • Banking.
  • Consulting. 
  • Financial Management.  

The accounting degree at the Carlos III University of Madrid offers two languages of instruction, English and Spanish. Also, the degree includes a rich syllabus that comprises subjects such as economics, computer science, business administration, etc. Graduates can ensure employment in various business areas.

Center for Monetary and Financial Studies CEMFI

The primary mission of the Center for Monetary and Financial Studies is to provide students of the university with an excellent quality of teaching and training as a method of developing both individually and as an institution. Students interested in pursuing a career in accounting can choose CEMFI for a well-structured study program and a chance to participate in several workshops. 

CEMFI also offers summer programs and is otherwise known as a summer school for academics of finance and accounting. A master’s degree in accounting in CEMFI usually consists of 120 ECTS credits. The skills that the average student learns at this university are almost always applied in their future careers and other professional activities related to the accounting industry. 

The master’s degree in accounting at CEMFI takes up to two years to complete, and it includes a thesis at the end of the study program.

Rey Juan Carlos University

Located in one of the most attractive places for students in Spain, Madrid, this university offers a 4-year full-time bachelor’s degree in accounting. Compared to other Spanish universities, the accounting degree at this university is entirely online (distance learning). In addition, graduates of Rey Juan Carlos University will acquire skills that will help tell them apart when applying for jobs.

The knowledge that an accounting graduate from Rey Juan Carlos University has helps them be confident either in the role of a manager, analyst, or advisor in the accounting or financial aspects. 

Here are some of the career prospects for an accounting graduate from Rey Juan Carlos University:

  • Industrial Companies.
  • Commercial Industry. 
  • Consultancy. 
  • Auditing.
  • Management Consulting Industries.

University of Granada

Considering that accounting is closely related to finance, and one can not usually go without the other, the University of Granada offers an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting. Being one of the largest universities in Granada, this undergraduate degree provides students and future graduates with many possibilities to pursue higher levels of education or even a career in accounting. 

The syllabus of this degree at the University of Granada has a wide range of classes which include subjects such as: 

  • Mathematics.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance.
  • Economic Policies.
  • Accounting.
  • Management.
  • Stock Market Analysis.

As mentioned above, the career prospects with an accounting degree at the University of Granada are numerous. Therefore, graduates can apply for a job in different fields such as auditing, banking, consulting, financial management, investment, and management analysis.