Best Universities to Study Marketing in Spain

Out of many higher education degrees available in Spain, the marketing field is one of the most popular degree choices in Spain, especially among international students. Spain is one of the most attractive study abroad destinations, thus hosting a large number of international students every year. 

Also, the marketing industry in Spain is constantly changing and becoming among the top employment providers for university students. Graduates’ chances of getting a job in the marketing field increase every year; thus, more international students choose to pursue marketing degrees in Spain

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Here are the best universities to study marketing in Spain:

Schellhammer Business School

Schellhammer Business School offers bachelor’s degrees in marketing, and its main focus is delivering the learning material through an international methodology. This business school is located in southern Spain with an excellent education quality comparable to the Swiss education system. They offer a wide range of courses, including a thorough and detailed syllabus tailored to prepare students for their future careers. 

The undergraduate degree in marketing at Schellhammer Business School lasts three years. Students begin introductory courses throughout the study program and finish the program focusing on career development. 

Listed below are some of the essential subjects included in the detailed curriculum: 

  • Marketing 
  • Digital Media 
  • Advertising 
  • Marketing Research and Planning 

Schellhammer Business School also offers many language classes for marketing majors, including English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. 

ESIC Business & Marketing School

The ESIC Business & Marketing School has campuses in two of the most popular cities in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. International students who wish to pursue a higher education degree in marketing often turn to ESIC because of its excellent reputation and education quality. Since ESIC Business & Marketing School is one of the first universities in Spain to offer marketing courses, they provide professional teaching and training for future marketing professionals. 

The bachelor’s degree in marketing at ESIC Business Schools takes up to four years to complete, and there are two languages of instruction available: English and Spanish. Its mission is to introduce marketing majors to management, advising, and evaluation techniques on the marketing aspects of any company that may hire them in the future. 

Marketing graduates will gain professional skills and can find employment in any of the following positions: 

  • Marketing Management 
  • Sales 
  • International Business 
  • Market Analysis 
  • Brand Management 
  • Product Management  

Marbella International University Centre (MIUC)

The Marbella International University Centre offers undergraduate and postgraduate levels for students interested in pursuing marketing studies. The bachelor’s degree is four years, and it is a combination of marketing with advertising. On the other hand, a master’s degree in marketing can take one to two years to complete. The language of instruction for both degree levels is English.  

The academic staff and professionals working at MIUC are experts at delivering the most accurate introduction to the marketing and advertising industry. Furthermore, students learn the importance of the marketing aspects in managing a business from a world-class perspective that the faculty of MIUC offers. 

The marketing department at MIUC teaches students about a variety of marketing aspects, and some of the elementary classes include: 

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Market Research Methods 
  • Consumer Behaviour 
  • Brand Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Project Management 

CIS – The College for International Studies 

The College for International Studies offers a bachelor of science in marketing communication combined with advertising. It is a four-year program located in the heart of Spain —Madrid. One of the main factors that make this university one of the best for marketing studies is that English is the only language of instruction, making it easier for international students to apply. Moreover, there are more than 600 internship hours during or after the study program.

This study program is best suited for those interested in communication and marketing, along with people who can quickly adapt to new settings and situations. The above-mentioned internship program is an obligatory credit at CIS to help students gain a professional background and learn about the labor market. 

There are many skills that marketing majors can gain at the College for International Students, including communication, advertising, creativity, and public relations skills, to name a few. 

Universidad CEU – Cardinal Herrera 

The Cardinal Herrera University offers a degree program in marketing that lasts four years, and the language of instruction is Spanish only. The CE University graduates have an 80% employment rate; therefore, this university is included in the list of the best universities to study marketing in Spain, according to Erudera rankings. With around 90 nationalities, the campus of Cardinal Herrera University offers an international perspective on almost all aspects of marketing. 

International students who wish to study at Cardinal Herrera but lack the monetary resources will be happy to know that this study program offers around 20 scholarship programs that are either merit-based or part of an exchange program. 

Some of the factors that make the Cardinal Herrera university marketing program different from other universities is that they use the latest trends in marketing to provide students with the best learning experience and professional development. 

Saint Louis University — Madrid Campus

The marketing degree at Saint Louis University is a full-time program that takes four years to complete. Although the university is American, they have a campus in Madrid, and the language of instruction is English. The marketing program at Saint Louis University is thorough, and there are several classes, including college algebra, business foundations, rhetoric and research strategies, calculus, and economics. 

During the marketing degree at Saint Louis University, students can network with professionals from big companies and benefit from any available internships or jobs. The department of marketing at Saint Louis University uses state-of-the-art technology and teaching methodology to switch from traditional teaching. 

With a marketing degree from Saint Louis University, graduates have excellent career prospects and can work in different fields of the marketing industry.

Rey Juan Carlos University 

The four-year marketing program at Rey Juan Carlos University focuses on offering students a professional and scientific approach as a teaching methodology. Students learn about the key elements of marketing, the research process of the labor market, and the components of marketing. 

The curriculum includes several disciplines focused on developing the students’ skills and helping them grow personally and professionally. Students’ skills through the marketing degree program at Rey Juan Carlos University help them in their future careers. 

Graduates have the opportunity to work in a variety of positions, such as: 

  • Strategic Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Distribution Channels
  • Communication Marketing 
  • Global Marketing
  • Commercial Management 

University of Navarra 

The University of Navarra offers a marketing degree divided into three different mentions: Mention in Corporate Communication, Mention in Creativity, and Mention in Fashion. The language of instruction is a combination of English and Spanish, depending on the class. The entire program lasts about four years to complete, and there are two available disciplines: marketing and digital marketing. 

The marketing degree program at the University of Navarra provides students with several courses as part of the thorough curriculum, which includes marketing management, principles of microeconomics, ethics, personal development, leadership, innovation, and communication strategies. 

The requirements for attending the marketing degree program at the University of Navarra include the obligatory TOEFL scores with a minimum of 72 points.