Top Business Schools in Spain

Studying business in Spain means getting your business degree in one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Besides it being a popular destination to study abroad, Spain’s higher education institutions are highly-qualified and world-renowned for their academic expertise. Some of the top business schools in Spain are part of international rankings and thousands of international students come to Spain every year to pursue their qualifications in one of Spain’s educational institutions. Find international student statistics in Spain here.

Our guide of the top business schools in Spain, including both public and private institutions, consists of some of the highest-ranked universities for business in Spain. This country, as an attractive study destination, also provides students with the education they deserve and need to succeed in the labor market. The teaching of essential skills, affordable tuition fees, and a comfortable study environment are just some of the characteristics of an ideal study destination.

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Here are the top business schools in Spain: 

1. ESADE Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Business programs at ESADE Business School will help you create your dream career in the field of business, by enhancing skills like negotiation, innovation, communication, leadership skills, collaboration, and social responsibility among others. At this Business School, you have the opportunity of studying your degree in English and this way perfect your business English. Spanish, French, and German are also among the languages you can study as part of your degree program. Hands-on experience is an important part of the study experience, therefore at ESADE, it is of top priority.

ESADE Business School is triple-accredited by the three largest international business school accreditation associations which include AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), AMBA (The Association of MBAs), and EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

Benefits of studying at ESADE Business School: 

  • Diverse student body. 
  • Expert teaching staff.
  • International degree recognition.
  • One of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Top business programs at ESADE Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition
Marketing ManagementMaster of Science English 1 Year€30,500
Public AdministrationExecutive Master English14 Months €14,900
Business AnalyticsMaster of ScienceEnglish 1 Year €30,500
Marketing DigitalMasterEnglish 8 Weeks €2,500
International ManagementMaster of ScienceEnglish 1 Year€30,500
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

2. IE Business School

Location: Madrid, Spain

For students aiming to be part of a challenging and international academic environment and pursue their degree in one of the top business schools in Spain, IE Business School should be one of your options. At this institution, you will find a diverse and dynamic environment where you will be able to learn, grow, show your potential, and create the necessary skills for a career. IE Business School, accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, aims to create a generation of business professionals who can easily create their pathways in the international market.

IE Business School is also triple-accredited by the three biggest international accreditation associations. 

Benefits of studying at IE Business School:

  • Innovative teaching methodologies. 
  • Top three business schools in Europe. 
  • Great networking opportunities. 
  • Student-based learning. 

Top business programs at IE Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition
ManagementMaster English & Spanish 13 Months€39,700
FinanceMasterEnglish & Spanish13 Months€37,200
Digital Transformation & Innovation LeadershipMasterEnglish13 Months€35,200
International TradeMasterEnglish15 Months€36,200 
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

3. IESE Business School

Location: Barcelona, Madrid

IESE Business School is where students receive the personal and professional transformation crucial for success. After completing any other business programs at IESE, students will be able to overcome the challenges of the national as well as the global business world. At this institution, students learn to see companies and businesses from a general management perspective and boost their leadership skills alongside their confidence levels. IESE believes that to be a successful leader, you must have decision-making abilities, and this is exactly what you will learn at any of IESE’s degree programs. 

Benefits of studying at IESE Business School:

  • Training by experts. 
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • International student community. 
  • High employability after graduation.
  • Expand your networking skills. 

Top business programs at IESE Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition
ManagementMaster English11 Months €40,500
Business Administration MBAEnglish 15-19 Months €45,000
Research in ManagementMasterSpanish15-19 Months€30,000
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

4. EADA Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

EADA Business School is the only internationally accredited, top-ranked business school located in the Barcelona city center. This school is committed to developing your management skills to their full potential; providing a practical, “learning by doing” approach; a tailor-made experience in small groups; international growth for today’s global business world. EADA’s unique methodology ensures that you develop the skills and confidence to be an effective team member and leader in diverse business environments, as well as the strategic perspective and know-how to apply the latest professional practice in the real world. The faculty’s extensive business experience ensures students get the necessary critical thinking and sound analytical skills to succeed in the real world. 

Benefits of studying at EADA Business School:

  • Students come from more than 100 nationalities. 
  • Multiple available scholarships. 
  • Unique teaching methodologies. 
  • Equal theoretical and practical curriculum. 
  • Semester exchange programs. 

Top business programs at EADA Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition 
ManagementMasterEnglish10 Months€26,000
FinanceMasterEnglish9 Months€26,500
Business AdministrationBachelorEnglish4 Years€14,500
Sustainable Business& InnovationMaster English9 Months€24,500
Tourism & Hospitality ManagementMasterEnglish9 Months€19,000
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

5. ESERP Business School

Location: Madrid‎, ‎Barcelona‎, Spain

At ESERP Business School, you will be able to create your ideal career in the field of business. With recognition at the national as well as the international level, this institution provides university-level instruction giving students the opportunity to advance their skill set and create an ideal career. ESERP has agreements with a variety of prestigious companies worldwide, providing, this way, students with a wide range of opportunities. Its centers in Madrid, Barcelona, and Palma de Mallorca are affiliated or connected, in one way or another, with the universities and business schools across Spain and beyond. With the aim of serving society, this business school in Spain creates outstanding graduates with the necessary confidence to enter the global job market.

Benefits of studying at ESERP Business School:

  • Students benefit from collaboration with multiple businesses.
  • The teaching staff comprises great professionals from prestigious companies.
  • A large international student community.
  • Courses in all degree levels. 
  • Free Spanish language courses for international students.

Top business programs at ESERP Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition
Business Management and AdministrationBachelorSpanish4 Years€7,250
International BusinessBachelorEnglish, Spanish4 Years€7,250
Business and Strategic ManagementMasterEnglish9 Months €8,750
Business AdministrationMBAEnglish9 Months€14,100
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

6. GBSB Global Business School in Spain

Location: Barcelona, Spain

A business school that embraces innovation to the greatest extent possible. GBSB Global Business School in Spain creates wonderful opportunities for students to develop and grow in all aspects of their professional life. As an internationally accredited institution, GBSB Global Business School in Spain provides quality and state-of-the-art education for ambitious future business professionals. With the student body encompassing more than 85 different nationalities, at this school you can find an ideal environment that is diverse, comfortable, and unique. Most classes are taught in small groups, ensuring students are provided with the best education and utmost attention. 

Benefits of studying at GBSB Global Business School in Spain:

  • Prestigious school with international recognition.
  • Among the best business schools in the world.
  • Multiple programs are offered at all degree levels.
  • Easily accessible campus by public transport.
  • All programs are taught in English. 

Top business programs at GBSB Global Business School in Spain: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per year
Business Administration and Digital InnovationBachelorEnglish1-2 Years €8,750
International Business Management Master English9 Months €13,490
Digital MarketingBachelorEnglish3-6 Years€8,750 
Business Administration and Digital Innovation with Digital Entrepreneurship BachelorEnglish3-6 Years€8,750 
Finance MasterEnglish9 Months€13,490
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

7. EU Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

EU Business School is recognized to provide students with crucial knowledge and skills on how to become effective leaders. Elaborating on some of the most complex issues and aspects of the business world, students are taught problem-solving skills, the ability to think critically, and how to excel in business fields across different industries. Creating decision-making skills and learning all the essentials of the business world are just a few of the characteristics that define this school. The academic staff is comprised of numerous experts in the field, including entrepreneurs, consultants, and business leaders, so students have the possibility of getting their knowledge from different aspects and perspectives.

Benefits of studying at EU Business School:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Experienced teaching staff. 
  • 98% of students are international. 
  • Flexible study options: online and on-campus.
  • 90% employment rate after graduation.

Top business programs at EU Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per term
Business AdministrationBachelorEnglish3 Years€6,450
International RelationsBachelorEnglish3 Years€6,450
MarketingMaster English1-2 Years€4,750
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

8. EAE Business School 

Location: Barcelona, Spain

EAE Business School programs will open the doors of a successful professional life for students who are dedicated to actually pursuing a career. Its business programs have a multidisciplinary nature and a global overview of business, which are highly-regarded qualities in the field. Eager minds who are career-oriented and have a large desire to make a change in the world for the better can find their perfect program at this school. EAE helps in the development of not only academic skills and knowledge but also the enhancement of soft skills which are crucial for successful leaders and professionals. 

Benefits of studying at EAE Business School:

  • Professional development opportunities. 
  • More than 4,500 employment offers. 
  • Expand your networking skills. 

Top business programs at EAE Business School: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per year
Business Administration and ManagementBachelorEnglish & Spanish4 Years€8,000
International BusinessMasterEnglish1-2 Years€19,500
Project ManagementMasterEnglish1 Year€15,500
FinanceMasterEnglish 1 Year€16,000
ManagementMaster Spanish 1 Year €19,500
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

9. ESEI Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

ESEI Business School programs range from undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and all the way to language programs. This institution values customized education that is able to recognize the individual outstanding values of each student. ESEI Business School uses innovative and state-of-the-art tools to help students show and reach their utmost potential. Students get to be part of an international working and studying environment where the qualifications are renowned globally. Throughout a chosen program students will delve deep into the most crucial aspects of the business sphere. 

Benefits of studying at ESEI Business School:

  • Project-based learning.
  • Small friendly environment. 
  • Professors are easily approachable and readily available. 
  • Numerous career opportunities after graduation.
  • A high acceptance rate (80% of applicants gain admission).  

Top business programs at ESEI Business School:

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per year
Diploma in BusinessBachelorEnglish 3 Years€12,000
Business ManagementMasterEnglish1 Year €9,300
Marketing and CommunicationsMaster English1 Year€9,300
Business AdministrationBachelorEnglish3 Years€10,700
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

10. Toulouse Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

As a triple-accredited business school, Toulouse is outstanding in its quality of education, diverse environment, and collaboration. Its degree programs are unique and globally-renowned, able to prepare students for the next stages of their careers in the business world. As a student at this school, you will be part of a diverse and suitable learning environment, where you will learn the essential technical and analytical skills in your field. Some of the degree programs at this school also provide students with the possibility of being part of a multi-campus experience where teaching is divided across different campuses.

The Toulouse Business School belongs among the business schools in Europe with triple accreditation, making it stand out from other universities.

Benefits of studying at Toulouse Business School:

  • Cultural diversity among the students.
  • High employability. 
  • A professional network.
  • International diploma recognition.

Top business programs at Toulouse Business School:

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per year
ManagementBachelorEnglish3 Years€10,900
ManagementMasterEnglish, French2 Years€14,400
International BusinessMaster of ScienceEnglish1 Year€17,000
Marketing ManagementMaster of ScienceEnglish1 Year€17,000
Fashion & Luxury MarketingMaster of Science English1 Year€17,000
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

11. Geneva Business School in Spain

Location: Barcelona, Spain

The mission of the Geneva Business School in Spain is that students develop academic success and excellence in their chosen fields of study. This school wants to engage with stakeholders through collaborative means, partnerships, and company placements. Its vision is to contribute to a sustainable future, which can be done through the proper education of future generations of leaders. Its programs are excellent, its academic staff is unmatched, and the student population includes more than 85 nationalities from across the globe.

Benefits of studying at Geneva Business School in Spain: 

  • Third-party admission assistantship for a low cost. 
  • All courses are taught in English. 
  • There is no language proficiency requirement for French or Spanish.
  • Individual guidance for internships and future jobs.
  • Personalized mentoring for each student.

Top business programs at Geneva Business School in Spain: 

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per semester
International ManagementBachelorEnglish3 Years€6,950
International ManagementMasterEnglish 1.5 Years€5,450
Business AdministrationDoctorateEnglish3 Years€3,900
Fine Art International ManagementMBAEnglish1.5 Years€17,000
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

12. Universitat de Barcelona Business School

Location: Barcelona, Spain

The mission of this university is to provide “competitive and internationally attractive postgraduate programmes” in the field of business with a more social responsibility approach. The aim is to encourage students to create innovative business solutions which will be able to serve the business world as well as society in the long run. Universitat de Barcelona Business School is one of the best universities in the Spain business school ranking, offering students just what they need to qualify for the labor market and the business sphere.

Benefits of studying at Universitat de Barcelona Business School:

  • One of the most prestigious universities in Europe.
  • Located in one of the 25 best university cities in the world (Barcelona).
  • One of the highest rates of employment in Spain.
  • Available grants and funding options.
  • A leader university in research among European universities.

Top business programs at Universitat de Barcelona Business School:

Program DegreeLanguageDurationTuition per year
Business ResearchMaster of ScienceEnglish, Spanish1 Year€3,952
Executive MBA MBASpanish1 Year€12,000
Business DoctorateEnglish3 – 5 Years€540.92
International BusinessMaster of ScienceEnglish1 Year€5,700
Not an exhaustive list of programs.

So, Which Business School in Spain Should I Choose?

In this article, you have read about some of the best business schools in Spain to pursue your higher education studies. However, it is up to you to decide which one of these business schools or others not listed here is best suited for you. 

Most students choose their business school depending on their personal preferences, financial circumstances, and program details. Other factors to consider before choosing a school may include the location, the campus distance from the city, accommodation availability, the degree level you wish to pursue, etc.

Whether you want to pursue your studies abroad in Barcelona, prefer the hustle and bustle of studying in Madrid, or want to go for a completely different city — it is completely up to you. Whatever you do, make sure you have made an informed choice that correlates with your needs, budget, and preferences.