Best Universities to Study Mass Media in Spain

Mass Media is a vast field of study from which you can reach various career options like Radio, PR, Journalism, Film Making, and many more. As a major part of everyone’s life, the importance of media literacy is undeniable. Day by day, we understand how easily we get caught up in a filter bubble. The term “mass media” is widely used across Spain, and a reason for it is the Media and Communications degrees that many Spanish universities offer. 

Universities in Spain guarantee an incredible study experience. The culture is lovely, the lifestyle is comfortable, and the higher education system is exceptional. Spain attracts thousands of international students every year who contribute to a dynamic and multicultural learning environment.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Mass Media:

Marbella Design Academy

The Marbella Design Academy is located near Marbella, Southern Spain, amid lovely and healthy surroundings. With over 26 years of expertise, Marbella Design Academy employs a tutoring method to assist all students in reaching their full potential as future designers. Because its institution has small class sizes, you will have easy interaction with your tutor and will be able to exchange ideas openly. As one of the best design institutions in the world, Marbella offers the Graphic Design & Media program, which has been approved for the Bachelor of Arts degree. 

After three years of study, you will have all the necessary abilities to graduate as remarkable, accomplished professionals in graphic design, thanks to their excellent instruction. Having acquired the practical knowledge and contextual understanding essential for this specialized profession, you will have no trouble finding employment in companies worldwide.

European School of Economics

The Jerónimos district, one of the most prominent and prosperous parts of the dynamic Spanish city, is home to the campus of ESE Madrid. Students may take enjoyable walks even during break times at the Parque del Retiro, which is close to the iconic Puerta de Alcalá. ESE Madrid provides its students with the appropriate setting for academic pursuits that will help them achieve their individual dreams. 

Professors from all around the world support programs that go above and beyond the requirements of the students, educating them about the highest ideals and giving them the knowledge they need to become the next generation of business leaders. ESE partners with several large, forward-thinking businesses to provide a special internship program. Small class sizes enable educators to develop a mentoring connection with each student and provide individualized attention that distinguishes the ESE programs. 

Suffolk University

Suffolk University, which has campuses in Boston, Massachusetts, and Madrid, Spain, is one of the most well-liked institutions for international students who want to pursue further education in mass media while also growing their professional networks. Students learn how to communicate effectively and ethically to various audiences through the Department of Communication, Journalism, and Media. 

Students gain transferrable analytical, creative, and practical skills in communication, journalism, and video production that allow them to advance democratic principles and advocate for social justice in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors. The Suffolk Journal is an award-winning student newspaper/online publication in which students can write and gain more experience throughout their studies.

UIC University 

Due to its multicultural setting and extensive selection of English, Spanish, and Catalan courses, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, or UIC Barcelona, is an excellent choice. UIC Barcelona was established in 1997. Since then, it has expanded to include about 8,000 international students. There are now 99 different nationalities at the institution, including several from close by nations like France and Portugal as well as farther away nations like Japan and the United Arab Emirates. 

You can pursue the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mass Communication with a specialization in Public Relations and a dual degree in Advertising and PR in Barcelona and New York. You have the option to complete this four-year degree with an additional year at Iona College in New York and receive a truly global education. If you select this route, you will graduate from UIC Barcelona with a degree in advertising and from Iona College with a BA in Mass Communication with a Public Relations emphasis.

Charles III University of Madrid

Carlos III University of Madrid aims to improve society via high-quality education and innovative research that satisfies rigorous international standards. Since its foundation in 1989, this school has worked tirelessly to establish itself as a creative public university with small classrooms, high quality, and a strong emphasis on research. The Carlos III University of Madrid aspires to be one of Europe’s most excellent institutions in all aspects of its operations. 

The Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television, and Media Studies provides students with an in-depth understanding of audiovisuals in the digital age, promoting critical thinking while polishing their aesthetic and creative abilities. This degree prepares students to utilize scripting, production, and audiovisual film and videomaking technologies, as well as picture and sound editing.

Pompeu Fabra University

In 1990, the Generalitat de Catalunya created Pompeu Fabra Institution, intending to make a public university devoted to academic excellence and contribute to the country’s progress. To that end, UPF has adopted significant quality criteria in its operations throughout the years and has built an urban university model that is strongly linked to the city of Barcelona. The Bachelor’s Degree in Audiovisual Communication aims to guarantee that graduates are well-versed in audiovisual theory and practice. 

One of the competencies obtained in Audiovisual Communication is the ability to make creative and professional decisions connected to audiovisual communication and the management of the sector’s human and technology resources.

IE University (IE Business School)

IE University provides a learning environment in which technology and diversity play an essential role in cultivating a global perspective, an entrepreneurial attitude, and a humanistic approach. Such circumstances mold leaders who promote organizational innovation and transformation into true game-changers. Business administration, law, finance, international relations, big data and technology, communication, and media are among the programs available at IE. 

The IE University has delegations in 28 countries and programs in Madrid, Segovia, Cape Town, and other locations. As part of your study experience, IE enables you to establish contacts with large organizations with European headquarters in Madrid and enjoy everything that this lively, cosmopolitan, artistic city has to offer.

EU Business School – Barcelona Campus

The EU Business School in Barcelona is part of the EU Group, founded in 1973 as a network of professionally authorized, multicultural, high-ranking business schools. The EU School maintains an extensive global network of campuses, in addition to its main campuses in Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona, and Munich, that enables students to participate in exchange opportunities within the EU Group. 

The EU Barcelona campus offers a variety of programs at the Business Foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, both on-site and online, in majors such as Business Administration, Communication & Public Relations, Leisure & Tourism Management, and Information Technology, among others. This school boasts a diversified student body with over 100 countries represented, as well as a 26,000-strong alumni network.