Popular Courses in Spain

There are quite of few popular college courses in Spain. Whether you want to earn a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree, there is an ample amount of  choices that are available to you. Additionally doctorate degrees can be obtained in the country in a number of different areas.  If you are unsure of what type of degree that you would like to earn, understanding the most popular degrees in Spain can be of great help.

The Law field happens to be one of the most popular of all in Spain, but is still one of many different choices available. Let’s take a look at the law field in Spain, as well as the other popular degrees attainable in the country.

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The Law Field in Spain

One of the most popular fields that young people are entering is the law field. So there are quite of few very popular college courses in Spain, Madrid,  in particular, that offer a variety of law courses for people that are wanting to enter into the law workforce. Whether your goal is to become a lawyer, a government official, or anything having to with law, Madrid, Spain is where you can take some really good courses.

As with many colleges from whatever country you attend college in, the outcome of your grade is primarily based on your test finals. One of the most interesting and a must course if looking for a degree in law is a course called The Legal System of the European Union. Students from all over the world are taking this course as it provides the framework and functioning of the legal system in European countries. By taking this class students will learn not only how the legal system works in Spain, but will also learn the decision-making process in the legal system. This class gives a student a strong foundation on how the whole legal process works in European countries.

Another popular college course in Spain is International Criminal Law. This course will examine the core international crimes as the number of international crimes is quite high. At the end of this course a student will have the knowledge of the development of the international criminal procedure and basically the criminal justice system in general. Finally, any student entering into the law field in Spain or any other European country will need to take a course. This course is divided into two different parts that  begin with an introduction of a specific style of approach to the law, along with a unique method of characterizing the traditions of the civil law versus the cultures of that common law as well. The course helps one to understand the how and the why these legal paths were developed. The second part of the course places focus on comparisons of constitutional law.

Other Popular Courses in Spain

Arts and Humanities is yet another popular degree for people in Spain to earn. With this particular type of degree you can work in any number of exciting fields, ensuring that you have a lifelong career that you live. Some of the most popular fields to work in with this degree include the English language, history and language, visual arts and others. Upon successfully completing the courses for an Arts and Humanities degree and the exam is successfully completed, a final research thesis must be performed and completed. This is the final step, and degree is earned. Students whom have earned this degree can enjoy a rewarding career in any number of industries.

Upon majoring in an Arts and Humanities field the individual will have a number of skills that can be used in many faucets of their life and in their career. If you like to work with others on projects and enjoy helping others, oftentimes making a difference in their life, this is the field perfect for you to look into.

Popular courses offered for those who seek an Arts and Humanities degree include:

  • Western American Literature
  • Spanish Literature
  • Fundamentals of Philosophy
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Popular Music

Keep in mind that the exact courses that you will take will vary upon the university in Spain that you choose to attend, as well as the exact major that you are shooting for.

Marketing and Finance

These days it is a dream come true for many people to own or operate their own business. With the help of a Marketing and Finance degree this is more than possible. It also happens to be one of the most popular courses in Spain.  Both graduate and undergraduate degrees in Marketing and Financing are available, and with the degree an individual has an array of opportunities sitting before them.

Typical jobs that those with a Marketing and Finance degree choose to work in after graduation include Marketing Consultants, Financial Analyst, Advertising Exec, Account Exec, Product Manager and many others.

Science Degrees

There are many different ways that you can go with a Sciences degree, and with that degree you have unlimited possibilities for an amazing  future and a career that will be most enjoyable. Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and a number of other choices are all available for your degree. Again, both graduate and undergraduate degrees are available in Sciences, and with these degrees there is always room to grow.

Spanish Courses

Where better to learn Spanish than in Spain? The universities in Spain teach their lessons in Spanish, however, if you prefer, you can also take a course that specifically teaches you the language. These courses can be completed in various lengths of time, depending upon your needs and desires. Many people coming to Spain to study from non-Spanish speaking countries often choose to take this course before advancing to their degree studies. You can also learn Spanish so that you can teach the language yourself.

Hospitality Management

Another popular course for those to take in Spain universities is hospitality management. Hospitality Management can include hotels and motels, restaurants and similar establishments. With this degree you can take assurance in knowing that you will always have a job with plenty of potential for growth. One can obtain a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree in Hospitality management, with the length of time that it takes to earn the degree variable according to the exact degree you wish to earn and the university in which you plan to attend.

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