Best Universities to Study History in Spain

The number of international students pursuing a higher education degree in Spain is constantly increasing, with around 208,300 international students currently studying abroad in Spain. The excellent education system, affordable tuition fees, living costs, and tourist attractions make Spain the ideal study abroad destination for many students. Spain has a range of universities offering comprehensive history degree programs for you to choose from! 

Here are some of the best universities that offer history degree programs in Spain:

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Sevilla University

The bachelor’s degree in History at Sevilla University is a four-year degree program offered by the Faculty of Geography and History. The study plan for the History degree at Sevilla University includes different theories and topics related to history and historical research. Students win the ability to interchangeably connect past and present events and their influence on future events. 

With a History degree from Sevilla University, graduates can work both in teaching and research in the field of history. These professions include working in any of the following sites:

  • Archives
  • Museums
  • Libraries 
  • Field and office archeology 
  • Cultural Foundations
  • Publishing activities
  • Public and private advisory institutions 
  • Cultural aggregations

There are numerous master’s degrees available for further study upon graduation with a bachelor’s degree in History. You can pursue the following master’s degree programs at Sevilla University: 

  • Master’s Degree in Advanced Historical Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Archeology
  • Master’s Degree in Documents and Books, Archives and Libraries 
  • Master’s Degree in American Studies 
  • Master’s Degree in Andalusian Artistic Heritage and its 
  • Master’s Degree in Ibero-American Projection 
  • Master’s Degree in European Studies 

University San Pablo 

The Faculty of Humanities and Communication Sciences offers a Bachelor’s degree in History at the Moncloa Campus. The language of instruction is Spanish, and the degree program is campus-based. The degree in history at the University of San Pablo allows students to inform others about events worldwide. Graduates will be able to understand the theoretical and practical aspects of history and gain the ability to analyze different approaches critically. 

The University of San Pablo offers the Marqués de Lozoya scholarship for a chance to win a scholarship that covers around or more than 50% of study costs. The curriculum of the bachelor’s degree in History includes professional internships that students have to carry out. 

The university has over 9,000 agreements with several institutions where students can complete their extracurricular internships.

With a degree in history from the University of San Pablo, students can pursue a career in the following professions: 

  • Management in museums, foundations, galleries, exhibitions, etc.
  • Editorial and journalism world.
  • Documentaries and historical films advising. 
  • Cultural tourism.
  • Teaching and research. 

University of Granada

The University of Granada offers a four-year bachelor’s degree in History. During these four years, students learn about the history basics and gain the abilities required for pursuing a career as a historian. After the first two years of learning about the fundamentals of many aspects of history, students continue their studies by learning about Spanish history. 

Some of the main areas of focus when studying history at the University of Granada include:

  • Prehistory
  • Archaeology
  • Ancient History 
  • Historiographical Sciences and Techniques 
  • Modern History 
  • American History 
  • Contemporary History 

By the fourth year, students can choose between various optional subjects, depending on what they want to expand their knowledge in. Below you can find some of the available electives for the degree in History:

  • Contemporary History of Andalusia 
  • Pre-Hispanic American History 
  • Social and Economic Medieval History, 
  • Classical Archaeology 
  • History of Ancient Religions 
  • History of Women 

University of Alicante 

The undergraduate degree in History at the University of Alicante is a four-year degree program and includes a total of 240 ECTS Credits. This undergraduate degree is designed to train future professionals who wish to develop an interest in global history. The undergraduate degree in History from the University of Alicante allows graduates to work in specialized fields of history or pursue higher and advanced degrees in any related field. 

The University of Alicante allows students to apply for scholarships and funding. Students can also profit from emergency grants offered by the Student Support Centre. A scholarship option from the Ministry of Education is also available, which is rewarded annually. 

Multiple career options are available for University of Alicante graduates with a degree in History. Some of the most popular professions include:

  • Historian.
  • Teacher.
  • Archaeologist.
  • Information Specialist.
  • Advisor in national and international institutions. 
  • Advisor in public and private cultural institutions. 
  • Cultural tourism.
  • Museologist.
  • Historical research.

University of Valencia 

The bachelor’s degree at the University of Valencia is part of the Faculty of Geography and History and takes four years to complete. The languages of instruction include English, Spanish, and Valencian. Students must earn 240 ECTS credits to graduate. There are around 140 compulsory courses to take as part of the curriculum and 30 optional subjects. 

The undergraduate degree in History at the University of Valencia focuses on providing students with a basic understanding of the methodologies of a historian, their techniques, and instruments useful for historical research. Throughout the four-year program, the undergraduate degree in History has a detailed curriculum that includes some of the following courses and subjects:

  • World History 
  • Introduction to History 
  • Introduction to the History of Art 
  • Rhetoric
  • Ancient Universal History I, II
  • Modern Universal History I, II
  • Contemporary History of Spain
  • Geography 
  • Archaeology 

University of Almeria 

The University of Almeria offers a bachelor’s degree in History with Spanish as the language of instruction. This degree program is ideal for students with some background in Universal History, the History of Spain, the History of Art and Geography, or Anthropology and Philosophy. Students learn the basics of history through a unique teaching methodology that focuses on critical and rational thinking. 

Although the degree program mainly comprises courses in Spanish, applicants must submit proof of English language knowledge (not necessarily advanced level). The undergraduate degree in History from the University of Almeria allows students the opportunity to apply for a Master’s degree in Social Communication and Gender studies at the same university. 

The study plan of the undergraduate degree in History at the University of Almeria requires students to carry out external curricula activities in the form of internships during their studies. The training is designed to train students and provide them with the skills necessary for their future careers.

University of Cantabria  

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cantabria welcomes international students to join the bachelor’s program in History. The ideal candidates for this degree program should prove interest and have some background knowledge in the area of history. With a degree in history from the University of Cantabria, graduates can deliver information to experts and non-experts. 

The University of Cantabria offers scholarships and study grants for History majors. These multiple available scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, the Government of Cantabria, the Government of the Basque Country, and the Student Collaboration Scholarship. 

The University of Cantabria is also home to multiple master’s programs in the field of history. Students can choose between the following master’s degrees to pursue more advanced studies in History:

  • Master’s degree: from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic 
  • Master in Modern History 
  • Master in Contemporary History 
  • Master in Historical and Territorial Heritage 
  • Master in Prehistory and Archeology 
  • Master in Territorial and Planning Strategies 

University of Girona

The Department of History and History of Art at the University of Girona is a prestigious teaching and research institution with professional teaching staff. The Bachelor’s degree in History is a four-year degree program, and the primary language requirement is a minimum B2 level of proficiency in English, German, French, or Italian. The more languages an applicant is fluent in, the higher the chances of admission to this degree program. 

Graduates with a History degree from the University of Girona can correlate past events with the present. This degree program is designed to provide students with multiple skills, including finding and analyzing information, developing theories on historical events, working in teams, etc.

A bachelor’s degree in History at the University of Girona allows students to work in a variety of professions, such as:

  • Teaching in secondary education. 
  • Teaching at the academic level. 
  • Perform archaeological studies. 
  • Work in archives and libraries. 
  • Historical research. 
  • Publishing industry.