Best Universities to Study Criminal Law in Spain

Criminal law careers include criminalists and criminologists, public interest lawyers, judges, magistrates, forensic psychologists, and many more. Studying criminal law at Spanish universities will be a long-rewarding choice. As a whole, Spain is an ideal study abroad destination due to its countless prestigious and top-ranked universities.

Besides the bachelor’s level, Criminal Law is a more common discipline at the postgraduate or Master’s level. Many universities offer this program together with Criminal Justice, under the title “Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.” After getting your education from Spanish universities, you will become an excellent professional with a wide range of career opportunities.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Criminal Law:

University of Salamanca

King Alfonso IX of Leon established Salamanca University in 1218, making it one of the oldest institutions in Spain. The university has nine teaching and administrative campuses in Vila, Zamora, Béjar, and Salamanca. Salamanca’s educational institutions are organized by six campuses, and you can find 81 courses in the first and second cycles.

The Undergraduate Degree in Law provides a fundamental education in the basic ideas of Legal Science. As well as a theoretical and practical understanding of the legal framework of the national and worldwide society, namely the rules of the numerous fields of law. The degree lasts four years, 60 ECTS credits every year, for a total of 240, and comprises semester-long courses. The core modules taught throughout the first year will integrate general legal education subjects.

Pompeu Fabra University

Pompeu Fabra Institution was founded in 1990 to build a public university dedicated to academic excellence and contributing to the country’s advancement. UPF has implemented rigorous quality standards throughout its activities to achieve this purpose. Its dedication has resulted in creating an urban university model that is deeply connected to the city of Barcelona.

The Criminology and Public Prevention Policies program at Pompeu Fabra University provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to comprehend the structure and functions of legal systems and the rules that govern them. In addition, as a student of this program, you will learn how to assimilate essential regulatory content and apply techniques for arguing cases and interpreting specific laws. Career prospects from this program include advising local public bodies on security, crime prevention in their area, and coexistence in society, to mention a few. 

IE Law School

IE Law School offers a high-quality, creative, and globally focused legal education that breaks conventional boundaries to educate tomorrow’s legal professionals. IE Law School is committed to preparing students to work in, flourish in, and solve problems in a complex globalized and digital economy. As an IE Law School student, you will build solid legal principles and a reasoning foundation while developing the skills necessary for real-world success. 

IE University’s unique Bachelor of Laws LLB degree is taught by prominent industry professionals who use the recognized comparative legal approach to teach the principles of civil and common law. You will develop the needed abilities to become not just a well-rounded lawyer but also an agent of change, thanks to an increased emphasis on technology and the humanities of this program. Additionally, you will be capable of developing innovative legal answers to complex global concerns upon graduation.

Abat Oliba 

Oliba Abat CEU Institution is a private university in Barcelona, Spain. It was established in 1973. The international experience this university provides inside and beyond the classroom is one of the key axes that unify students at this university. Mobility, international internships, and language study are all ways to broaden and enhance your educational experiences. 

As a potential student enrolled in Abat Oliba – CEU University Degree in Criminology and Security, you must be interested in organizational systems within society. The degree in Criminology and Security combines criminology studies with material on private security and preventing and investigating criminal offenses in today’s society. Furthermore, this degree provides comprehensive worldwide training through a theoretical perspective and extensive practical experience in its facilities and other contexts. It allows for a smooth transition into the work market through careers in criminology and security. 

UIC Barcelona

In October 1997, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya formally began its academic activity. As a research and knowledge transfer institution, UIC Barcelona is active in the work of identifying, disseminating, and applying ethical alternatives to today’s socioeconomic and environmental concerns. There are 16-degree programs, dual-degree international programs, a comprehensive selection of master’s and postgraduate degrees, and continuing education courses in your chosen area.

You will graduate from the Law program at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya with a sound theoretical foundation, an understanding of how the law is practiced, and the capacity to evaluate and analyze. This degree will provide you with the most excellent possible foundation to begin your career as a lawyer with an international and practical perspective. As you pursue this degree, you will be exposed to cooperation agreements with various businesses and institutions. 

University of Valencia 

Valencia Institution is a public research university based in Valencia, Spain. It is one of Spain’s oldest universities and the oldest in the Valencian Community. It is recognized as one of the most prestigious academic institutions in Spain. The University of Valencia seeks to educate competent professionals at the European Professional Standard and to foster exceptional research that will contribute to the progress of society.

The Degree in Law provides a fundamental legal education that includes two components, a theoretical understanding of legislation and the methodological tools required to interpret and implement the law. The degree’s primary goal is to generate professionals who can defend citizens’ rights in their community in accordance with the existing legal framework. The Degree Final Project entails the student working on an independent project under the supervision of a tutor, the completion of which is intended to help students implement the skills they have gained during their studies. 

Rey Juan Carlos University 

Since its establishment in 1996, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) has distinguished itself among Madrid Public Universities for its vibrant, robust character and dedication to societal advancement through a unique, high-quality educational system. URJC is situated over five campuses and two locations in central Madrid. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is one of the fastest-growing European institutions, thanks to its contemporary buildings, technology, and strong dedication to practical education focused on employment.

The Rey Juan Carlos University Criminology program falls under the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. This program will teach you the scientific methodologies used in criminology, security, and social intervention with offenders and victims, as well as the skills required for their efficient use. In addition, you will acquire critical analysis of decisions issued by public and private agents involved in criminology, security, and social intervention with criminals.

Jaume I University

The Jaume I University (UJI) is a public university in the Valencian Community, a territory on Europe’s Mediterranean coast between Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. Since its foundation in 1991, the UJI has positioned itself as a welcoming institution distinguished by personal attention, efficient management processes, and high levels of engagement of its members in university life.

The master’s degree in Criminal Justice System aims to offer students an in-depth understanding of both the disciplines of the criminal justice system and the proper research methods for each. It intends to be a hybrid program combining law, substantive criminal law, and criminal procedural law. All of these disciplines comprising criminal sciences are studied collaboratively to supplement the high-quality education of students with a background in law or criminology. The goal is to give qualifications for entering the labor market and pursuing additional study in any master’s degree subjects.