Best Master Degrees in Physiotherapy in Spain 2022

Spain is among the first destinations that come to mind when considering master’s degree programs in physiotherapy. The application procedure for a Spanish university is simple and straightforward. Physical therapy schools in Spain have consistently ranked among the top in the world. Some universities even offer online master degree programs, which allows students to also keep a part-time job. Some of the best master’s degrees in physiotherapy have the blended option, which means subjects are taught partly online and partly through classroom sessions. Additionally, studying in Spain may give you the chance to either choose an English-taught program or a program taught entirely in Spanish.

Here are some of the best master degrees in physiotherapy in Spain:

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Master’s Degree in Blended Sports Physiotherapy

Offered by: European University of Madrid

Tuition: €11,040

Language of instruction: Spanish

Duration: 12 months

The Master’s degree in Blended Sports Physiotherapy will prepare you for any kind of prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in athletes. As a sports and exercise physiotherapist, you will also be qualified to promote an active lifestyle to aid individuals in improving and maintaining their quality of life. By specializing with the Master’s degree in Blended Sports Physiotherapy, you will play a huge role in helping athletes of all ages and all levels of ability to enhance their performance. This blended program combines practical lessons, which will take place over nine weekends at the Villaviciosa de Odón campus, with live online sessions, which will be recorded in case you are unable to attend or wish to view them again.

Academic excellence is one of the key pillars of Universidad Europea. As a consequence, the educational model of UE embraces the ideals of the European Higher Education Area while also ensuring that each person obtains a comprehensive education.

Master’s Degree in Paediatric Physiotherapy 

Offered by: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Barcelona

Tuition: €7,080

Language of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Duration: 2 semesters

By following the lectures in Paediatric Physiotherapy at the master level, you will become skilled in identifying and treating problems that hinder children’s motor development and functional independence. When it comes to preventative care and early intervention, you will get insights into the psycho-motor development, movement control, and growth adaptations, as well as the learning process. By gaining a wide understanding of pediatric physiotherapy, you will be able to assist children in reaching their full potential in terms of growth, independence, and social integration. The Master’s degree in Paediatric Physiotherapy will help you improve your physiotherapy abilities, allowing you to better respond to the health needs of both children and adults.

The International University of Catalonia is a prominent private educational institution formed in 1997 with a humanistic goal of meeting society’s needs. Its worldwide outlook is a distinguishing feature.

Master’s Degree in Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy

Offered by: Universitat Internacional de Catalunya Barcelona

Tuition: €9,000

Language of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Duration: 2 semesters

The Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy is a subspecialty of physiotherapy that focuses on the examination and treatment of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. The Master’s degree in this discipline is founded on clinical reasoning, accessible scientific and clinical data, and each patient’s biopsychosocial framework. It employs extremely precise diagnostic and treatment methods, such as physical treatments and therapeutic activities. OMPT physiotherapists commit to providing patient-centered treatment and using evidence-based techniques and measuring findings. They must do a physical clinical diagnostic, determine if the therapy is appropriate for the patient, identify risk factors and contraindications, and indicate any precautions that must be followed.

This university is certified by Spain’s Ministry of Universities and offers personalized academic training. The International University of Catalonia, which focuses on research and hands-on practical experience, strives to improve students’ skills and knowledge so that they can quickly adapt to new problems in today’s world.

Master in Exercise and Sports Physiotherapy (MPHTY)

Offered by: Universidad Europea

Tuition: 14,800

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 9 months 

The Master’s degree in Sports Physiotherapy aims to educate physiotherapists with the knowledge and tools they need to prevent and treat injuries, as well as help injured athletes recover quickly, all while working as part of a multidisciplinary team. There will be face-to-face lectures and upon the completion of the degree, you will get a title as a sports therapist by the Universidad Europea de Madrid. This master’s degree is a pioneering program not only because it is taught entirely in English, but also because it is one of the top postgraduate programs in Spain. You will be introduced to the practical method of learning from the first day, and you will gain the necessary skills to thrive in the sports industry.

Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity

Offered by: Escuela Europea de Salud

Tuition: €3,750

Language of instruction: English

Duration: 2 years

The University of Rome “Foro Italico” offers a 2-year European Master of Science in Health and Physical Activity in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Sport Science in Oslo (NOR), the University of Vienna (AUT), the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (DEN), and the German Sport University in Cologne (GER), all of which are leading European Universities in the field. For all of the health advantages, specialized and up-to-date sport and physical activity training is required for all health professionals. Holding this master’s degree will result in a personalized approach to each patient, both for prevention and health promotion, as well as for the treatment of certain diseases. Students who successfully complete this program will get a joint European certificate as well as single or double national second-level degrees.

The main objective of the European School of Health Sciences is to promote health and to be a meeting point for all health professionals in order to create a profound change towards a  healthier life for all future generations. The academic staff is highly motivated, and they rely on ongoing learning and training to help them progress personally and as a community.

Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy of the Musculoskeletal System

Offered by: UManestra

Tuition: €6,000

Language of instruction: Catalan, Spanish

Duration: 8 months

The most basic component of the master’s degree in Physiotherapy of the Musculoskeletal System is clinical reasoning as a foundation for decision-making in the clinic, always through the lens of scientific evidence and a biopsychosocial perspective. This master’s degree is delivered in a blended manner, with the goal of promoting collaborative learning among students, teachers, and health professionals via the use of information and communication technologies (ICT). As a graduate student in Physiotherapy of the Musculoskeletal System, you will gain methodological knowledge and attitudes that encourage the integration of academic and research components of the profession.

The Fundació Universitària del Bages facilities and the UVic-UCC Manresa campus are located to the north of the city of Manresa, in a recent urbanization area where the bulk of institutions and university services are concentrated.

Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Health

Offered by: Universidad Internacional de Andalucía UNIA

Tuition: €830/year

Language of instruction: Spanish

Duration: 7 months 

The Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Health treats many subjects such as  Physical activity in prevalent pathologies, Physical Activity and Heart, Special benefits of physical activity, and many related subjects that will qualify you as a professional physical educator capable of identifying and treating illnesses associated with physical impairments. The preparation and development of the master’s thesis motivates students to do research in the appropriate areas. 

The International University of Andalusia is a one-of-a-kind institution within the public university system of Andalusia. It was developed 25 years ago as a mechanism to assist the Andalusian scientific and technology system in postgraduate education, research and transfer, digitalization, continuous training, and globalization.

Master’s Degree in Personal Training and Physical Readaptation

Offered by: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona

Tuition: €5,850

Language of instruction: Spanish, English, Catalan 

Duration: 1 academic year

The TecnoCampus School of Health Sciences organizes the master’s degree course, which builds on the three previous editions of the Master’s degree in Personal Training and Physical and Sports Rehabilitation, which is provided as a Pompeu Fabra University (UPF)-endorsed degree. The master’s degree program consists of 60 ECTS credits in total, including 37 ECTS credits for required topics, 6 ECTS credits for elective subjects, 7 ECTS credits for an external internship, and 10 ECTS credits for the master’s degree final project. Lectures are held twice a week and are entirely organized by the School of Health Science. After completing the master’s degree, you will have gained academic and scientific expertise for training planning and periodization, as well as physical and sports rehabilitation.

As a public university, UPF fulfills its commitment to addressing the key issues of the twenty-first century by developing, disseminating, and transferring new interdisciplinary knowledge to guide the implementation of wise policies and inspirational leadership.