Where to Study Abroad in Spain?

Studying abroad has shown great results for international students interested in expanding their knowledge while learning about different cultures. Spanish universities are known for their high acceptance rate of international students. Since Spain is already on the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts, the advantages of studying in Spain allow you to become both a tourist and a student at the same time. 

Whether you are fluent in Spanish or have no clue about this Western European language, studying abroad in Spain will be a great advantage to your Spanish-speaking skills. Other than working towards getting your degree, you should also take time to tour the country and become familiar with the diverse Spanish history. 

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In this article, you will learn about the process of studying abroad in Spain, including the programs and scholarships offered along with the best places to study at. 

Best Study Abroad Programs in Spain

Choosing the program that best suits your interests is part of the study abroad process. It is important to understand the major you want to study, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level. Depending on your background and qualifications, make sure you know what your course options are. Spanish universities offer a wide variety of programs for students of all majors.

The tuition fees for some of the programs listed below are considered affordable for international students, among the more expensive universities. However, later in the article, you can find the guide to the scholarships available for studying abroad in Spain. 

Here are some of the best study abroad programs for international students in Spain: 

University of Alicante

This known university in Spain offers students the chance to study for one semester or an entire year through a non-profit organization called University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). Students can choose from a large number of programs to study at the qualified level. Degree programs offered can range from Linguistics, Spanish, European, and Gender Studies. Students who wish to pursue this program must have a minimum GPA of 2.5. 

EF Study Abroad

The Education First (EF) organization welcomes students from all over the world to study abroad in Spain for either a semester or a year depending on your needs and the course you decide to take. Students who choose this program can use the advantage of learning the language, traveling, and studying at one of the three available locations: Barcelona, Madrid, or Malaga. Get a more advanced diploma, enroll in language courses or get professional university preparation. With EF you have the opportunity to choose between two areas of study—Linguistics or Cultural Studies. 

IES Abroad 

Through the Institute for the International Education of Students, you can become part of the studying abroad community in Barcelona as the main location. Living in Barcelona is a reward in itself, the numerous academic programs offered are a plus. Below you will find all areas available to spend a semester abroad in Barcelona.

  • Arts, Art History
  • Architecture 
  • Anthropology
  • Business
  • Cultural Studies
  • Communications
  • Economy 
  • History
  • Journalism
  • International Affairs 


For more than 30 years now, Erasmus has helped students within Europe and all over the world to connect with partner universities and study abroad in their dream destinations. Spain is considered the most popular place for students interested in the Erasmus program. International students who got the chance to study abroad in Spain through the Erasmus programs have benefited largely from it. 

Here is the growth of the Erasmus success rate from the year 2015, according to the European Commission.

  1. Students going to Spain. From 2015 until 2019 the number of students who were arriving in Spain for the Erasmus program has increased by 19%. 
  1. Students leaving Spain. In 2015, only 880 students from Spain were able to benefit from the Erasmus program. Whereas, in 2019 more than 2,000 students were leaving Spain to study abroad with Erasmus. 

In addition, Erasmus students have proven to show better results in their future careers after finishing the program. This program, in comparison to those mentioned earlier, can last up to two years and it includes the Master’s degree level. Also, Erasmus students usually tend to get scholarships depending on the program and level of study. 

Best Places To Study Abroad in Spain

The Spanish language and culture are one of the most popular globally. After you decide to study abroad in Spain, choosing the program most suitable for you can be a challenging process. Spain is home to many universities that offer studies for international students, located in some of the most popular cities in Spain

Things to know before you decide where to study abroad in Spain: 

  • Programs/courses offered.
  • Available university partnership programs. 
  • The city that best suits your hobbies and interests.
  • Some of the most affordable cities to live in Spain.
  • Tuition fees.
  • Internship and job opportunities while studying. 
  • The requirements match your qualifications. 

Here are some of the most popular cities that offer study abroad programs in Spain:


Why? World-renowned universities and innovative teaching methods. 

Madrid is one of the largest cities in Spain, with an attractive diverse population and routine, especially for international students who are up for a fun and exciting experience. As the city with the most eminent international population, students from all over the world can navigate easily and expand their network. Studying in a foreign country can be intimidating, and Madrid is considered the safest city in Spain.

Study abroad programs available in Madrid include: 

  1. IES Abroad
  2. EF
  3. USAC


Why? Great networking opportunities and a multicultural environment.

Barcelona is considered one of the best cities to study abroad in Spain. A cosmopolitan city with highly developed tourism, students can meet a lot of interesting people in Barcelona. If you already know a little Spanish, in Barcelona, you will have the opportunity to explore the local language: Catalan. Because of its reputation as an innovative capital of Europe, students are presented with great professional possibilities. 

Study abroad programs available in Barcelona include:

  1. IES Abroad
  2. AIFS Study Abroad
  3. CIEE


Why? Prestigious business schools and a cultural destination. 

Valencia is otherwise known as the port city because of its position on the Mediterranean Sea and it also has one of the busiest ports in Europe. International students are attracted to this city’s beautiful beaches and numerous festivals that attract thousands of Europeans yearly. For those interested in the cultural aspect of the city, Valencia is home to countless museums, where you can learn about Spanish history, culture, and traditions. 

Study abroad programs available in Valencia include:

  1. ICA
  3. FSU Study Abroad 


Why? A unique city with exciting student life. 

This city is home to the oldest and most popular university in Spain, the Universidad de Salamanca. Salamanca attracts students because of its small-city characteristics and it makes it easy for foreigners to get around. Students can get the best out of the nightlife and outdoor activities and feel safe at the same time—every activity is a walking distance away. 

Study abroad programs available in Salamanca include: 

  1. IES Abroad
  2. API
  3. ISA


Why? Get the best of both worlds: mountains and beaches. 

Studying abroad in Granada is a popular choice among international students. A fun, calming environment attracts students of all different backgrounds and welcomes them to have the best experience. With around 80,000 students, the University of Granada has a long history of professional teaching. Plus, the majority of university courses in Granada have the option of English as the language of instruction. 

Study abroad programs available in Granada include:

  1. Sol Education
  2. AIFS Study Abroad 
  3. API

Study Abroad in Spain Scholarships 

The typical student life in Spain is known to be expensive, but depending on the city you choose to study in, you may find an affordable university that aligns with your qualifications. Plenty of options are available for students who intend to study abroad in Spain, however lack the monetary resources to do so. Before you start planning to apply to a Spanish university, make sure you check whether you are eligible for any scholarship opportunities in Spain

Here are some universities in Spain offering scholarships to international students: 

  • Barcelona School of Economics (BSE)
  • University of Granada
  • University of Salamanca
  • Universidad de Sevilla 
  • University of Barcelona – CETT
  • University of Alicante