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Going to college in Spain is something that thousands of international students choose to do every single year. There are many pristine colleges found in Spain, particularly in Madrid and Barcelona, enabling you to earn most any type of degree that you could want.

In Spain the universities that are offered enable you to earn a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree, depending upon your personal preferences. There are requirements that you must meet in order to attend universities in Spain when you are an international student, including those related to admissions into the country as well as the particular university.

Let’s take a look at some of the best universities in Spain and what they can offer to you.

Alfonso C El Sabio University

Located in Madrid this university offers a wide variety of programs which include Business and Hotel Management, Computer Engineering, Dentistry and a number of others. Tuition at this college is reasonable and both bachelor’s and master’s degrees can be earned through the institute. Financial aid is also accepted.

Camilo José Cela University 

Located in Villanueva de la Cañada, this university is one of the most popular in the entire country. Some of the degrees that are available at the university include Advertising, Public Relations, Architecture, Communication Studies, Design, Criminology, and a great many others. The tuition fees at this university average between 16 and 40 EUROs per semester, depending upon the particular course that you are interested in completing. Financial aid is accepted.

Carlos III University of Madrid

The Carlos III University of Madrid University is located in Madrid  and is yet another one of the most popular universities found in the entire country. There are many courses offered at the university, all of which are taught in Spanish. Some of the attainable degrees from this college include Aerospace Engineering, Business law, communications, Computer Engineering, Industrial Mechanics, Tourism, Law and more. 

Catholic University of San Antonio

This university is located in Madrid. Many international students choose this as their university of choice. There are many programs available through the college, all focusing on leading and living the Catholic lifestyle. All courses bring this Catholicism is not their studies. Courses that are available at this particular university offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and include Clinical Nutrition, Advertising, Business Law, Early Childhood Education, Criminology, Education, Psychology, Occupational Therapy and a number of others.

Cardenal Herrera University

Located in Valencia, Spain, Cardenal Herrera University is another top university located in Spain. The courses vary in cost, though they are still regulated by the Spain government. Financial aid is not accepted at this particular university. They do, however, offer both bachelors and master’s degrees, as well as some courses for doctorate degrees. Available courses at this great university include Childhood Education. Business, Business Law, Computer Information Technology, Interior Design, health and Fitness, Spanish as a Second Language and many, many others.

CEU San Pablo University

CEU CEU San Pablo University is located in Madrid and is another top school in the country. It is popular for its pristine learning and quality teachers and staff. The school offers a number of extracurricular activities that can be enjoyed by all students. This university provides students with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, with available courses that include Art History, Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Communication, Information Technology, Dentistry, History, Filmmaking, European Studies and an array of others. 

Catholic University of San Vicente Mártir

Another Catholic University, the Catholic University of San Vicente Mártir is located in Valencia. Students who choose to attend this college can expect a world-class education at one of the most talked about universities in all of Spain. Some of the most popular courses and degrees that you can earn from this university include Dentistry, Business law, Business Innovations, Early Childhood Development, Dentistry, Education and many others. This college is preferred by those who are earning  a doctorate degree.

Going to College in Spain

Keep in mind this is just a partial list of the schools and universities available for higher education in Spain. All together there are more than 70 universities to select from in the country. No matter which of the universities that you select you can always be sure that you will get the education that you want, putting you in the top of the class when it comes time to get a job and work in your respected field.

There is a reason that thousands of international students choose to come to Spain to attain their education, and you should learn this for yourself. In fact, Spain has the third largest number of international students enrolled in their programs, and that number is expected to only increase.

Make sure that you take the time to look through the various universities in Spain, including those that are listed above. You will find a university that far excels all of your wants and needs for a great education.

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