Cheapest Universities in Spain for International Students

Studying in Spain is a wholesome experience, academically, culturally, and socially. Thousands of students worldwide are interested in pursuing their studies in Spain. One of the factors that makes Spain an ideal destination to pursue a degree is that Spanish universities, apart from their academic excellence, are also affordable, especially when compared to major study abroad destinations, like the US or Australia.

Keep in mind that public universities in Spain are usually cheaper than private universities. So, if you are looking for a more affordable option, public universities might be what you need. The tuition fees for international students are higher in Spain than for domestic/EU students. But overall, the average tuition fees are reasonable and affordable, especially when matched with the cost of living and rent in Spain.

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In the following sections, we have listed some of the cheapest universities in Spain for international students, to simplify the process of choosing a university.

Here are the cheapest universities in Spain for international students: 

1. University of Valencia

Average Tuition: €2,600

The University of Valencia, located in Valencia, is one of Spain’s oldest surviving universities. At this university, you will be part of a diverse and welcoming environment that promotes science, culture, and society’s democratic values as a whole. The University of Valencia has a diverse range of study programmes to choose from and a rich history (with significant expertise in teaching, innovation, and research). Apart from obtaining knowledge and lifelong skills, students get to be part of an institution that values quality, evaluation, and improvement.

2. University of Santiago de Compostela

Average Tuition: €3,700

Among the cheapest universities in Spain for international students, this university is located in the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain. This university attracts around 3,000 international students every year due to its international character, academic quality, and wide range of degree programmes. It has modern scientific facilities which make excellent research training available and efficient. You will find yourself in a comfortable environment where you will learn about your professional career’s essentials, meet different people, learn about other cultures, and simply feel at home.

3. University of Granada

Average Tuition: €4,760

Located at the heart of Granada, this university is among the best universities in Spain, where tuition fees for international students are quite affordable and can average at around €4,760, depending on the study programme and degree level. It offers a wide array of courses and degrees, including over 70 undergraduate degree programmes, over 100 master’s degrees, and 28 doctoral programmes. It has a perfect Granada location with proximity to the Mediterranean Coast, high-quality services, and a rich historical and cultural legacy. Granada features numerous cultural activities, either in jazz, tango, poetry, or dance.

4. University of Salamanca

Average Tuition: €2,560

The University of Salamanca was founded in the year 1218, making it the oldest university in Spain, and among the oldest in Europe. While it is among the most affordable universities in Spain, it attracts thousands of exchange and international students every year, due to its expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and multicultural atmosphere. This university is a leading institution for teaching the Spanish language to international students, and it has been providing courses of the kind since 1929. The university courses occur at the centre of Salamanca’s old town, where the student population is high, and the infrastructure is exceptional.

5. University of Zaragoza

Average Tuition: €4,850

The University of Zaragoza, founded in 1542, is located in Spain’s Aragon region. It offers degree programmes at all three levels, bachelors, masters, and doctorate. With almost 2,000 international students in its total student population, the University of Zaragoza provides a diverse and multicultural environment where education and knowledge simply thrive. This university is recognised for its commitment to quality education, innovation, and research. Students at this university, get to reside in a city which is rich in history, known for its Roman and Arabic influences. 

6. Autonomous University of Madrid

Average Tuition: €3,000

Internationally recognised for its education, services, and research, the Autonomous University of Madrid is also among the most affordable universities in Spain for international students. This university has international exchange agreements with some of the world’s best universities, where over 1,000 UAM students enjoy study visits abroad. The Autonomous University of Madrid takes pride in its environmentally sustainable campus, as it pays special attention to the environment and recognises its importance. Students enjoy various cultural activities, including summer courses and contemporary humanities courses, which play an essential role in students’ social and cultural growth.

7. University of Alicante

Average Tuition: €3,600

The University of Alicante is one of Spain’s most innovative universities, encompassing 30,000 students. This university ranks among the best in Spain in economics, chemical engineering, tourism and hospitality, health sciences, etc. It also offers around 200 courses fully-taught in English. With a campus ranked among the best in Europe, the University of Alicante is also known for its education quality. This university aims to promote social commitment by inviting its students to participate in volunteering actions and social associations. It also organises various cultural events, related to theatre, music, cinema, art, etc.

8. Pompeu Fabra University

Average Tuition: €9,000

Pompeu Fabra University is known for its excellent conditions and services. The quality of teaching and research at Pompeu Fabra University is renowned internationally. Around 20% of its undergraduate students are awarded scholarships whilst 40% qualify for discounts in tuition fees. Located in Barcelona’s centre, this university is accessed easily using public transport. Its bachelor programmes include seminars designed to promote the practical application of theory and make learning easier. Students learn the necessary skills for a successful career, facilitated by small classrooms and exceptional teaching and learning methods. 

9. University of A Coruña

Average Tuition: €1,462

Besides being among the cheapest universities in Spain for international students, this university also offers courses that continuously meet students’ needs. University of A Coruña was established in 1989, and it is located in the city of A Coruña, Galicia. This university offers traditional single majors, double degrees, international study programmes, English-taught degrees, and numerous masters and doctoral programmes. Its faculties, schools and research centres are divided between the Coruña and Ferrol campuses, with perfect public transport connections.

10. University of Jaén

Average Tuition: €2,056 

Also among universities with the lowest tuition fees for international students in Spain, University of Jaén is located in Jaén, Andalucía. As a relatively young university, this university has attracted thousands of students to its educational premises due to its services, teaching methods, and efficiency. It has over 40 degrees in humanities and education, experimental sciences, health and social sciences, law, and engineering, taught in English and Spanish. Its library contains over 480,000 digital publications, and apart from its main campus in Jaen, it also has to satellite campuses in Linares and Ubeda. 

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