Best Universities to Study Visual Arts in Spain

The study of Visual Arts offers more than the opportunity to explore oneself. Undoubtedly, the best way to express yourself is through visual arts. A university study program will aid you in many ways if you want to gain higher-level talents in the Visual Arts sector. Universities in Spain are the reason why many international students excel in their prospective careers. 

Expanding research and statistical data on Spain show that the skills acquired via art education help students succeed in other courses and fulfill the needs of the modern workplace. Thus, the role of arts education in developing other important modern skills is something that will distinguish you from others. Visual arts study programs in Spain will have students explore their inner strengths and pursue their long-desired dreams.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Visual Arts:

IED Barcelona

The Istituto Europeo di Design first opened its doors in the city of Barcelona in 2002 and is now one of the best institutions in the field of design education, with national and worldwide acclaim. IED’s activities are handled by more than 400 workers and 1,200 specialists scattered throughout ten foreign locations. It is a vast multinational network whose concept is based on innovation and intercultural awareness. As part of the IED Network, the IED Barcelona Escola Superior de Disseny is Spain’s most multicultural and diverse education facility. The structure of the school incorporates Design for all principles in order to promote creative experimentation and conversation between users and disciplines, which are core school ideals.

UIC Barcelona

In October 1997, the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya began its academic activity. The UIC is inspired by Christian humanism to seek truth and thoroughly complete individual projects. This university offers students the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most lively cities, which is an essential component of its identity. UIC offers colleges, schools, and institutions that teach university courses in various fields. UIC understands that each university is unique, but what sets them apart is how they do things. Personal attention, a complete approach to each student, ongoing professional connections, and innovative teaching are things that make UIC stand out.

Saint Louis University

Whether studying for four years or just a few months, Saint Louis University’s Madrid Campus will provide you with a world-class education and help you broaden your cultural perspectives. Students from the United States, Spain, and more than 50 other countries attend SLU-Madrid. The Madrid Campus offers 15 undergraduate and graduate degrees that are entirely authorized and may be completed in Madrid. More than 40 different SLU degree programs can be started in Madrid and completed on the St. Louis campus. SLU-Madrid’s U.S. liberal arts degree programs in Madrid, Spain, emphasize critical and analytical thinking, effective communication, and interpersonal skills as qualities that prepare you for any vocation.

University CEU San Pablo

CEU San Pablo Institution is a Madrid-based private Catholic university. It collaborates with approximately 200 higher education institutions in Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia on various academic exchange programs, work practice schemes, and international initiatives. The University has the largest campuses in Moncloa and Monteprncipe, both in prime locations in Madrid. Both allow you to study in a cutting-edge, worldwide atmosphere and provide you with the most sophisticated facilities and services for activities and internships. CEU was the first in the Community of Madrid to give a new way of thinking about managing higher education, initially as a University College and then, since 1993, as a private university. 

Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull

Blanquerna was founded in 1948 with a strong desire to help the country by training new teachers. The Church’s School of Teachers has always been a pioneering school because of its unique individualized teaching technique. The values of Christian humanism motivate Blanquerna as a plural university community. Its purpose is to provide an integrated education that will encourage students to become competent professionals with a broad sense of ethics. This university delivers education based on three pillars, human, intellectual, and professional. Blanquerna-URL provides degrees and master’s programs in psychology, education, sport, health, communication, and international relations, all of which are directly relevant to people’s lives.

Suffolk University – Madrid Campus

Suffolk Institution is a non-sectarian, private, coeducational university in Boston that has expanded its educational network in the well-known city of Spain, Madrid. Madrid Campus’s facilities include a welcoming staff that will connect you with the city and the newest technologies. You’ll study and live among students from more than 25 nations on this campus and take courses that are filled with a global perspective. The SUMC provides a varied choice of undergraduate, graduate, and law degree programs built around real-world experience. Besides the regular degrees that are commonly offered, Suffolk University thinks for its students in the long term regarding educational opportunities. For example, professional workers are offered part-time and evening schedules.