Best Universities to Study Social Work in Spain

The role that social workers play nowadays in the life of everybody is irreplaceable. As a social worker, you will be able to improve people’s lives by helping with social and interpersonal difficulties and promoting human rights and wellbeing. Social workers’ support for children and adults does not involve only cases of harm. Their help is expanded in an array of services, including psychotherapy, stress management, rehabilitation, and trauma counseling, to mention a few. 

You will find higher education institutions throughout Spain that offer many remarkable study programs. These Social Work programs in Spain will help you choose the right path to higher education as they are from a large number of universities.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Social Work:

Rey Juan Carlos University 

The Rey Juan Carlos University has flourished in many areas of knowledge since its foundation in 1996. As the second largest university in the Madrid region, it is home to approximately 46,000 students. Alcorcón, Aranjuez, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, and Móstoles are the five campuses where the university has modern buildings.

Its Social Work program offers a comprehensive training program that includes disciplinary, competence, and attitudinal content. It enables graduates to be professionals who not only know what to do but can also analyze the environment in which they work critically and know how to work within it. Social work is not the only academic discipline covered by the program, but also psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, family law, labor, and social security regulations.

University of Valladolid

Valladolid University (UVa) has its origins in the thirteenth century. As a result of its growth and adaptation to changing times, this institution has become one of the leading universities in Spain. With programs in Science, Humanities, Engineering, Architecture, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, and Health Sciences, it offers graduate degrees, official master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees.

The MA in Socio-Community Training and Intervention (MOFIS) has been developed to incorporate these studies at the University of Valladolid and as a replacement for a similar degree. This new master’s will address a number of national and international demands and needs. The master’s degree program focuses on social and community intervention through specialized and multidisciplinary training, with the goal of training professionals and researchers in the field of social sciences.

University of Barcelona

Founded in 1450, the Universitat de Barcelona is a comprehensive higher education institution that combines deep academic tradition with cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Every year, the University of Barcelona welcomes many students from Spanish and international universities. It has over 44.000 undergraduate students and nearly 19.000 master’s, postgraduate, and doctoral students. Almost 15% of the students are international, representing over 122 nationalities.

The master’s degree in Social and Educational Action, one of the university master’s degrees offered by the Faculty of Education, aims to teach students how to analyze and compare the logic and dynamics of social policies in various contexts. The master’s degree examines the current social and educational context and seeks to respond to the multiple problems it presents in an innovative, fair, and equitable manner. As a result, one of the primary goals is for students to learn to address new and emerging problems and situations in at-risk populations and groups through research, action, innovation, and change.

Rovira i Virgili University

The Universitat Rovira I Virgili is located in Tarragona, close to Barcelona, in one of Europe’s most important tourist regions. It is a young and dynamic university that serves societal needs with an international perspective and closely relates to its immediate socioeconomic environment. The university’s commitment to scientific research and teaching innovation has led it become one of the top universities in Spain and Europe. 

With the University Master’s Degree in Innovation in Social and Educational Intervention, students combine the disciplines of Social Work and Social Education to promote individual, group, and community welfare and facilitate social cohesion. With the help of a broad knowledge base and a variety of specific methodologies, the program generates specialists capable of innovating in the social and educational intervention. Training focuses on developing, implementing, and disseminating these qualifications, which employers and professional organizations require.

University of La Laguna

With a history dating back more than 200 years, the Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) is the oldest institution of higher education in the Canary Islands. ULL is currently in the process of restructuring its internal operations. Telematics and new information and communication technologies have been emphasized throughout the institution. The virtual Teaching Unit oversees all activities under this initiative.

The Master of Family Intervention is intended to provide inter-university and inter-disciplinary training to professionals to assist them in supporting the life-long development process in various family and social contexts. This program will concentrate on ecological-systematic family models as a development and education scenario, family competence and resilience models, and preventative family promotion and intervention strategies.

University of León

The University of León (ULe) is a public higher education and research institution established as an autonomous entity in 1979. It has two campuses in the cities of León and Ponferrada, and the total number of students is currently 14,000, with approximately 1,000 international students from more than 50 countries. It provides a comprehensive range of undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate degrees in all fields of knowledge, organized into ten different schools.

The degree in Social Work is designed to prepare social work professionals with a thorough understanding of social contexts, structures, processes, social change, and human behavior, preparing them for the diagnostic, program, management, and evaluation of tools that promote social development. Future professionals will learn how to assist individuals, families, and groups in resolving problems and improving their quality of life, work with groups at risk of social exclusion, and employ preventive strategies.

Jaume I University

Jaume I University is a university community with a size and history that gives it vitality and maturity that distinguishes it from other centers in its surroundings. The UJI is defined as a university of proximity, with personal attention, efficient management procedures, and high levels of participation among all university members. 

The Master’s program in Family Intervention and Mediation focuses on developing skills and abilities that promote lifelong development processes in various family contexts, as well as the application of preventive and family intervention-mediation strategies in conventional and unconventional situations, such as those involving special needs or psychosocial risks that place children or other family members at risk.

University of Murcia

The University of Murcia is a public higher education institution with a global reach. Its goal is to help society develop by acting as a dynamic agent in collaboration with other social agents. Its primary activities focus on developing Research, Training, Knowledge Transfer, and Cultural Dissemination, intending to achieve a high level of quality results, which is visible through a clear transparency policy. The Universidad de Murcia (UMU) is a more than a century-old international institution with roots in the thirteenth century.

The University Master’s Degree in Family Counseling, Counseling and Mediation title addresses the need to train professionals in the social and educational fields to practice family counseling and mediation. It is the first Master to combine three complementary and interconnected aspects: guidance, counseling, and family mediation. The Master’s degree program emphasizes holistic academic training for graduates.