Best Universities to Study Public Relations in Spain

Public Relations is one of the most trendy and in-demand professions. As an essential part of Journalism and Media, this field helps the development of society. Public relations specialists maintain a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their audiences. The ideal place to pursue Public Relations is Spain, mainly due to the unforgettable and exceptional experience it assures international students. 

The list of Public Relations programs in Spanish universities can go a long way, but you can choose the one suitable for you. As a Public Relations student, you will get diverse expertise in diplomatic communication and public speaking, as well as bargaining, writing, and organizational abilities, and learn how to create PR and communication campaigns.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Public Relations:

Rey Juan Carlos University 

Since its establishment in 1996, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) has distinguished itself among Madrid Public Universities for its vibrant character and dedication to societal advancement. Academic programs are available in all domains of expertise, including law and social sciences, arts and humanities, sciences, engineering, and architecture.

The Advertising and Public Relations degree will equip you with the knowledge and professional skills involved in the exercise of Advertising, Public Relations, and Communication Management in all their professional services. To be eligible for this official master’s degree program, you must have an official university degree from Spain or another member state of the European Higher Education Area university.

EU Business School

The EU Group was founded in 1973 as a network of professionally authorized, multicultural, high-ranking business schools. This university has campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, and Montreux, as well as an online campus. In addition to intimate, vibrant English lessons, EU students may benefit from a global atmosphere while receiving the best of both North American and European academic curricula.

The MBA in Communication & Public Relations offered at this school has two duration options: full-time or part-time. This program will teach students to think creatively and employ the newest technology and communication tactics to keep ahead of current trends. Thus, to be able to coordinate increasingly complex public relations campaigns. 

GBSB Global Business School

GBSB Global Business School is a private business school that teaches a number of programs in English and prepares students for global economic professions. The university upholds strong international business education standards, as recognized by numerous international bodies, and employs a creative strategy that includes case studies, industrial trips, and meetings with market leaders.

The Bachelor of Business Administration and Digital Innovation in Digital Communications and PR provided by GBSB in Barcelona is a comprehensive degree program that gives a unique perspective on today’s global concerns and prepares students to address them front-on. Students will also learn how to plan and execute multi-channel public relations and communication initiatives on a global scale.

ESIC Business & Marketing School

ESIC offers the most comprehensive educational programs in marketing management, with a specific emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and the digital economy, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. When it comes to merging digitalization and marketing in management, ESIC is one of the most significant institutions. ESIC aims to change and empower its students by providing them with a high-quality education as well as substantial professional and personal values, allowing them to grow their careers responsibly.

Such education will play a significant role in their organizations and social settings. Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public will give students the necessary skills to be great communication professionals. In addition, they will master all the factors to consider when establishing companies’ relationships with their public and with other agents.

UIC Barcelona International University of Catalonia

The International University of Catalonia was established in 1997. Since then, it has been developing its students with a focus on academic rigor, university life, and meaningful life experiences. Christian humanism motivates UIC to seek the truth and thoroughly develop each endeavor. This university offers the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most lively cities, which is an essential component of its identity.

There are 14-degree programs, eight dual-degree foreign programs, a wide selection of master’s and postgraduate degrees, and the opportunity to continue education courses in your chosen area. UIC’s Publicity and Public Relations programs provide future professionals with a comprehensive view of communications and prepare them to be creative project managers and communication consultants. 

United International Business Schools

United International Business Schools (UIBS) is an independent private educational school with campuses in Europe and Asia dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective. In collaboration with many academic partners, UIBS provides flexible business and management courses at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels, leading to private degrees as well as American regionally accredited and European state-recognized degrees.

The Master’s in Business Communication is one of the most sought-after degrees in this school.  Business Communication graduate courses are divided into core courses and specialization courses. Additionally, you can choose electives from any of the planned graduate-level courses. Specialization courses are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be offered at all campuses.

Jaume I University

The Universitat Jaume I (UJI) is a public university in the Valencian Community, a territory on Europe’s Mediterranean coast between Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. Since its establishment in 1991, the UJI has positioned itself as a friendly university distinguished by personal attention, smooth-running management procedures, and high levels of participation of its members in university life. Its convenient size of approximately 15,000 students and its integrated, modern, functional, and sustainable campus make this university stand out.

The Master’s in New Trends and Innovation Processes in Communication offers specialized instruction in the most recent technologies for business, audiovisual, and media communication. This master’s distinguishes four distinct training areas; the first is oriented towards research and has a more humanistic and academic approach, while the others focus on more professional training.

Abat Oliba CEU University

Abat Oliba CEU University is a private university in Barcelona, Spain. The Abat Oliba was established in 1973. One of the fundamental axes that unite students is foreign experience, both within and outside the classroom. Training programs allow mobility, internships abroad, or language study to expand and supplement your educational and personal experiences. Students pursuing a Double Degree in Advertising and Public Relations and Journalism at Abat Oliba – CEU University concentrate on general information, corporate communication, and organizational administration.

As a prospective student of this degree, you must have excellent linguistic abilities and be a natural writer. Of many university programs, the CEU program – The University of Chicago is an initiative for Journalism and International Relations students, which includes trips, case study methods, and more.