Best Universities to Study Interior Design in Spain

Spain boasts many university study programs, one of which is also Interior Design. As an international student learning how to use principles of design and methods to arrange areas inside and around buildings, you will also collect unforgettable memories. The field of Interior Design is highly regarded in Spain, and universities have all the technologies and settings to offer you high-quality Interior Design programs. Spain is also home to plenty of outstanding places to visit and explore, where you can delve into the interior design of different buildings and consequently develop your creativity.

Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Interior Design: 

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ELISAVA Higher School of Disseny

Elisava is the most well-equipped institution when it comes to engineering and design. As an internationally oriented education and research institution affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University, Elisava Higher School of Disseny is located in Barcelona. The fantastic city of Barcelona lets students immerse themselves in the diverse interior designs of city buildings. The programs of Elisava are valid throughout Europe since they are articulated through ECTS credits and competencies governed by the European Higher Education Area. 

IED School of Design and Fashion 

With nearly sixty years of existence, the European Institute of Design enhances its performance in education and research across various disciplines, such as design, fashion, visual communication, and management. IED has four individual schools for four creative worlds. Design, Fashion, Visual Arts, and IED Management — schools that are all unique in their own way. This institution is constantly working on expanding its international network to issue first-level academic diplomas. 

Nebrija University 

Nebrija University continues to maintain its differentiating values that make the educational model more special and thorough. By becoming a Nebrija student, you will construct new knowledge for life’s important challenges. Every year, the rankings confirm that Nebrija University is in the top position for academic excellence. The bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Nebrija University will provide you with an education that will open many job opportunities. 

ESNE University School of Design

ESNE is the largest University Campus of Design in Spain and functions as an official private center attached to the Camilo José Cela University of Madrid. This University School of Design allows you to experience the passion for design in many specializations. Among multimedia, graphic design, fashion design, and product design as areas of specialization, interior design is a fascinating choice for any student. Interior design courses are available at the undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate levels.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University

CEU Cardenal Herrera University is the first non-state University in the Valencian Community. CEU has an innovative development strategy that is making its education thoroughly international. If you have heard of Cardenal Herrera University, there is no chance you haven’t heard about the research projects that its teachers conduct. CEU proposes a number of educational innovation concepts with the goal of improving academic quality.

Technical University of Madrid

The Technical University of Madrid has a similar alternative name: the Polytechnic University of Madrid. As a public university, it has run educational programs since 1971. The Technical University of Madrid is quite outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly-qualified professionals. In today’s culture, where technical breakthroughs are significant and scientists and engineers assume greater and larger responsibilities, UPM degrees encompass all disciplines of architecture and engineering.

University of Extremadura

The name of this university is merely a representation of the Extremaduran community. Serving as a higher education institution, it has four different campuses that enable several specialties. The UEx has its government team that works toward meeting the demands of 21st-century society. The University of Extremadura offers 64 bachelor’s degrees and 32 master’s degrees in a variety of study subjects, such as industrial design engineering, geomatics and topography, etc.

Marbella Design Academy

Marbella Design Academy is an institution state-recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Marbella Design Academy is a prestigious design school with a close-knit community of international students and employees. It takes place in its state-recognized building living up to all the requirements given by the Ministry of Education in Spain. All of its Bachelor of Arts validated programs take three years to complete. While you complete interesting study programs, you will also experience an energetic atmosphere.

ESDi Higher School of Design

ESDi Higher School of Design is the ideal choice for design studies since it has over 30 years of experience in training designers. With its campus located in a former textile mill of more than 14,000 m² in the center of Sabadell, ESDi Higher School of Design has the best technology and tools for both learning and practicing design. You will find several design specializations at this higher school of design, counting fashion, graphic, product, interior, audiovisual and multidisciplinary integration. 

UIC Barcelona International University of Catalonia

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places in the world to study interior design, and its higher education institutions are among the best. UIC Barcelona perfectly represents interior design study programs and plays an essential part in the future of interior designers. Several study programs are available at three levels. The International University of Catalonia has an international atmosphere as it gathers students from more than 99 different countries.