Best Universities to Study Design in Spain

Design is an incredible activity that connects many aspects of an entity to form a whole. A Design degree will cover parts of Arts and Architecture; as the product is being designed, it has to contain aesthetic features and follow a particular structure. Spain is a land of opportunities in terms of Design degrees and job vacancies after completing such a degree. 

If you’re wondering about finding the best place to study abroad in Spain, then just know that each city is unique and provides you with outstanding higher education. In essence, a Design degree from a Spanish university will have you generate knowledge from comprehension and methodology to values and philosophy.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Design: 

European Institute Campus Stellae

The European Institute Campus Stellae is deeply committed to promoting educational, cultural, artistic, and social activities. With students of more than 80 nationalities, European Institute Campus Stellae offers a comprehensive environment for all of its students. This institution is a pioneer in styles of teaching, learning, and intelligence. The Double Master’s Degree in Graphology and Graffiti of the Campus Stellae European Institute is available for different ranges of students, such as graduates, diploma holders, and professionals interested in this degree.

University Center of Technology and Digital Art

You can refer to this university as an international multicultural environment composed of digital industry students and professionals. University Center of Technology and Digital Art is not only the most awarded University in Spain and Europe but has some of the best study programs. The faculty of Digital Design offers two face-to-face degrees: The Degree in Digital Design and the Cycle of Higher Degree in Plastic Arts and Design in Illustration. The first degree will be adequate if you are interested in technology, design, and advertising communication. Whereas the other one, if you’re generally passionate about art and illustration.

European University of Valencia

European University has a number of schools around Spain, one of which is also that of Valencia. The European University aims to provide students with a holistic education and shape them into leaders and professionals of tomorrow. The Private University of Valencia takes place right at the city’s heart. You will find many study levels at this private university, such as degree programs, post-graduate programs, courses, and bootcamp. The Master’s Degree in Digital Graphic Design is just one of its online degrees. The School of Science, Engineering, and Design will give you many other study options.

BAU University Center for Arts and Design

BAU cooperates with the University of Vic — the Central University of Catalonia, which offers an official Degree in Design and a Degree in Fine Arts studies within the European Higher Education Area. Through its faculties, BAU trains designers and artists for the contemporary world. BAU, or the University Center for Arts and Design, conducts research, teaches, and transfers knowledge in its domains. Additionally, BAU has a Tutorial Orientation and Action Plan (POAT) that explains how the university views orientation, advising, and assistance for students in their early professional careers.

EINA University School of Design and Art of Barcelona

The EINA School came into existence in the late 1960s as a result of the hard work of a group of artists and intellectuals who brought ideas of design to Barcelona. Since Barcelona has always had the potential and creative strength to bring diversity together in a place, this university is a European benchmark. EINA provides a variety of degrees, ranging from bachelor’s degrees to postgraduate and master’s degrees, and the Doctorate in Design, the highest academic level. University School of Design and Art of Barcelona treats design education as a way of being. 

University of La Laguna

For more than 200 years, the University of La Laguna has delivered education to worldwide students. The university’s roots are in the Canary Islands, which makes this destination an admirable one. The ULL is now undertaking internal reorganization to modernize its services. It has placed a strong focus on the utilization of modern information and communication technology, as well as telematics initiatives. More than 40 undergraduate degrees and 20 official master’s courses are available to enthusiastic students.

IED School of Design and Fashion Spain

The European Institute of Design has been providing education and research in the domains of design, fashion, visual communication, and management for more than 50 years. In more than ten cities of the world, IED has successfully distributed schools for different purposes. In Spain, the Design and Fashion School in Madrid has innovative professionals who serve the future of their students. This school offers many courses of different levels, such as foundation courses, respectfully the Global Design. You can undertake either Product Design or Interior Design at the undergraduate level. 

European University of Madrid

As a whole, the European University has its strategic pillar, which is academic excellence. In all its private schools, counting the Private University of Madrid, the European University embodies the European Higher Education Area principles. At the Private University of Madrid, you will have some of the most advanced facilities at your disposal. The Design Innovation Workshop will let you carry out research on product design. In contrast, the Manual Fabrication Workshop will have you work on projects in various fields related to architecture and materials.

Francisco de Vitoria University Madrid

The Francisco de Vitoria University has two university campuses in Madrid, counting more than 50 degrees and double degrees. Not to leave aside the advanced training cycles, a postgraduate school, doctorates, and research centers that all give this institution a better reputation. Being part of this university means that you will be encouraged to excel in everything and be a leader of tomorrow. The real training experience takes place outside of the classroom through practical experience. UFV is dedicated to vibrant university life and a continuous conversation between students and professors of all grades, talents, and perspectives.

IE University

IE University is all about students who view life as an endless road of learning. At this institution, you will find a supportive community where the interaction between you and the faculty will come in handy through the learning process. IE University provides a unique, student-centered community with a wide range of people, ideas, and perspectives. Over 130 countries are represented on its campus each year, with over 75% of students coming from outside of Spain. IE University wants to help its students think and behave in ways that foster a more sustainable planet through its study programs.