Best Universities to Study Civil Law in Spain

The study of civil law is always a good choice. Many university campuses in Spain offer novel activities and internships to enhance students’ experience in this field. Civil law is essentially about conflict resolution, ensuring that disagreements between people do not escalate into a violent clash.

A wide range of law programs are available to international students in Spain. Most of them promote collaboration among members of society while discouraging manipulative conduct. Since Spain invests a lot in civil law, graduates have robust work options in the country and several neighboring European countries. Civil law is essential for a country’s proper functioning, and a strong knowledge foundation in this field will assure you a lucrative career.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Civil Law:

University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is a Christian-inspired university with strong ties to St. Josemaria Escriva. This higher education institution operates as a not-for-profit organization. With 16 schools and eight research institutes, the University of Navarra assures study programs in an international atmosphere. Collaboration, creative teaching methodologies, and service-focused education are some of the qualities that have enabled the University of Navarra to excel in teaching.

The School of Law offers the Degree in Law and the Degree in International Office. In addition, by taking the Degree in Law, there is the possibility of specializing in one of the school’s degrees: Diploma in Economic Law, Anglo-American Law Program, International Business Law Program, and Global Law Program. This school conducts research in an interdisciplinary way so that progress goes hand in hand with continuous inter-faculty dialogue.

Pompeu Fabra University

In 1990, Pompeu Fabra Institution was established with the goal of creating a public university devoted to academic excellence and contributing to the progress of the country. UPF has adopted substantial-quality requirements throughout its operations to accomplish this goal. Through its commitment, it has built an urban university model strongly linked to the city of Barcelona.

Besides its regular bachelor’s degree, Pompeu Fabra University offers double bachelor’s degrees. In terms of law, the Bachelor degree in Law will help you identify and analyze social conflicts and means of settling them. This bachelor’s degree program prepares you to grasp the structure and functioning of legal systems and their laws. Additionally, it teaches you how to use basic normative information for presenting a case and interpreting legal norms.

Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid, sometimes known as la Autónoma, is a public university in Madrid, Spain. The Autonomous University of Madrid is a source of knowledge where every student appears to grow. UAM handles today’s societal concerns by providing dynamic education and allowing students to adapt to any situation. UAM is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most elite institutions.

The UAM’s Faculty of Law has always been at the forefront in the field of Law and Political Science studies. The Faculty offers degrees fully adapted to the European Higher Education System with four distinguishable degree studies, counting a Degree in Law, a Degree in Political Science and Public Management, as well as a Double Degree in Law and Political Science. 

IE Law School

IE Law School provides top-tier, innovative, and internationally focused legal education that breaks down traditional barriers to develop tomorrow’s legal professionals. IE Law School is dedicated to equipping you to work in, prosper in, and create solutions in a complicated globalized, and digital environment. As an IE Law School student, you will gain a strong foundation in legal concepts and reasoning as you acquire the skills you need for real-world success.

All of the school’s programs feature a core business module that provides you with the skills, financial literacy, and management understanding required to compete in today’s competitive corporate environment. Business Administration and Laws is a demanding BBA/LLB degree offered by IE University that educates students to understand the relationship between business and law in depth. This program will help you comprehend and participate in international commerce from a managerial and legal standpoint.

ESADE Law School

ESADE is an international academic school noted for the quality of its education, global perspective, and distinct emphasis on complete human development. ESADE Law School supports jurists’ long-term education by allowing them to refresh their knowledge and develop their professions at various stages throughout their careers. Aside from undergraduate, master’s, and postgraduate degrees, the ESADE Law School offers specialized courses to its students. 

The Bachelor in Law is an incredible study program for ambitious jurists. Many leading Spanish and international law firms come to the ESADE Law School’s campus to recruit law graduate students. The program begins in Spanish and progresses to English. As you go through the curriculum, more and more courses will be taught in English. You’ll solve real-world case studies in the school’s specialized space, engage in trial simulations, and watch court procedures.

University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona, with 16 faculties, 11 linked centers, and a doctorate school, is a great place to find your future vocation. This higher education institution is strongly tied to Barcelona and Catalonia and blends historical values with innovation, excellence, and inclusivity. Another achievement of Barcelona University is that 87 percent of graduate students are employed following graduation. 

The UB Faculty of Law has several academic collaboration agreements with US colleges. These agreements aim to allow UB students to attend law courses and programs that will be recognized as part of their chosen degree pathway. The UB’s Bachelor’s degree in Law comprises 240 credits, covering all theoretical and practical information and abilities students must acquire. As a prospective student of this degree, you must complete 60 credits of basic training in the first year, which is cross-disciplinary to some extent.

University of Sevilla

The University of Seville, founded in 1551, is one of Spain’s top higher education institutions. Its various schools, technological institutions, and its Schools of Philology, Geography, History, Philosophy, and Engineering serve the educational requirements of over 70,000 students. As a CS student, you will enjoy taking lessons in the towering 18th-century building immortalized by Bizet’s opera “Carmen.” 

The University of Seville’s Faculty of Law is closely related to the university’s establishment. The Faculty of Law is one of this university’s subdivisions where students of Law and other related disciplines in the social and legal sciences can further their knowledge in their chosen field. In addition to getting an exceptional study experience, they will be exposed to many job opportunities. 

UIC Barcelona

What makes Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, or UIC Barcelona, a good choice is its multicultural location and wide array of English, Spanish, and Catalan courses. UIC Barcelona was founded in 1997. It has now grown to accommodate around 8,000 international students. There are presently 99 different nationalities represented at the institution, including numerous from nearby countries such as France and Portugal, as well as those further afield, such as Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

UIC’s Business Administration and Law program is for you if you want to become a professional with broad intellectual perspectives and a substantial understanding of business and law. This program provides a broad, interdisciplinary profile that is in great demand in the fields of marketing, finance, and human resources.

University of Valencia

The University of Valencia aims to teach competent professionals at European Professional Standard and to encourage distinguished research that will contribute to society’s growth. The UV will promote the importance of science and culture via teaching and research and reaffirm democratic ideals in society in general.

The Law Degree at the University of Valencia provides a fundamental legal education that includes two components: theoretical knowledge about legislation and the practical tools required to interpret and implement the law. The degree’s primary goal is to generate professionals who can defend citizens’ rights in their community in accordance with the existing legal framework.

Abat Oliba – CEU University

Oliba Abat CEU Institution is a private university in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The Abat Oliba was founded in 1973. One of the fundamental axes that unite students in this university is the foreign experience it provides, both within and outside the classroom. Mobility, internships abroad, or language study are all options for expanding and supplementing your educational and personal experiences through training programs.

The Abat Oliba – CEU Law degree offers three possible pathways: business consultancy, political science and administration, and forensic practice. In all of them, the quality training students receive is reflected in their excellent employability rates, which is why UAO CEU has earned the trust of the most prestigious professional law firms in Catalonia.