Best Universities to Study Artificial Intelligence in Spain

Artificial Intelligence has made machines and robots more intelligent and versatile than one can imagine. As a brand new field, it has its benefits and drawbacks to human existence. It has the potential to improve tasks and decrease human mistakes, but it may also result in the abolition of certain occupations and the development of new ones.

Learning AI will empower you to question existing working methods and alter your perception of most things. Highlighting your desire to make a big difference and your readiness to learn new technology might help you advance in your job. Study programs in most of the Spain universities cover degrees in the Artificial Intelligence field as well as many other study fields. Several prominent and top-ranked universities in Spain guarantee a successful career once you graduate.

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Here are some of the best universities in Spain for Artificial Intelligence:

ESIC School of Business and Marketing

Initially, the purpose of the ESIC School of Business and Marketing was to help companies develop through analysis and relationships with markets through the exercise of marketing. Later on, things changed, and ESIC adapted its principles to the challenges presented by a globalized, digitized, and rapidly changing economy. Its purpose as an academic institution is to provide people with a worldwide and complete perspective in management, marketing, innovation, and digital skills throughout their careers. ESIC has 123 strategic relationships with universities and business schools worldwide and a faculty of professors with a rigorous academic profile and tight linkages to the business sector.

Pompeu Fabra University

Pompeu Fabra University is a public university in the Catalan province of Barcelona, Spain. The institution was founded in 1990 by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and is named after Catalan engineer Pompeu Fabra. UPF has established an urban university model strongly tied to Barcelona and has implemented strict quality requirements in all of its operations over the years. The University’s purpose is to provide students with strong scientific and cultural knowledge, relevant transversal skills to adapt to societal changes and difficulties. Students interested in developing technologies connected to intelligent agents’ design, principles, and applications that can interact intelligently with humans and other agents may pursue a Master’s degree in Intelligent Interactive Systems (MIIS). 

Jaume I University

Universitat Jaume I is a new university with the aim to enhance knowledge by generating high-quality research that benefits society and attracts research talent and funds from outside sources. It is a global institution that allows you to engage in mobility programs on all five continents, study foreign routes for double degrees, and complete professional internships all over the globe. Universitat Jaume I presently provides 32 undergraduate degrees, 41 university-accredited master’s degrees, 22 doctorates, and 21 self-accredited master’s degrees, among other study options. The Master’s Degree in Intelligent Systems focuses on processes such as perception, learning, autonomous decision-making, robotic manipulation, intelligent robots, and services.

ELISAVA Higher School of Disseny

Many people refer to the ELISAVA Higher School of Disseny as a design school, but this institution offers more than design degrees. ELISAVA Higher School of Disseny is an internationally oriented education and research institution affiliated with Pompeu Fabra University. This school’s Creativity and Artificial Intelligence course is intended for the intermediate level. You will learn what artificial intelligence can and cannot achieve in terms of creativity. You’ll get a quick overview of machine learning approaches’ fundamental theory and history. You’ll gradually examine and test internet services that give access to generative artificial intelligence technologies. By the end of the course, you will familiarize yourself with the trending artists who use AI, their work, and their methods. 

European University of Valencia

Studying at the European University of Valencia means that you will have the opportunity to live with classmates of more than 60 different nationalities. Academic excellence is one of the key pillars of the European University of Valencia. As a result, its educational model adopts the ideas of the European Higher Education Area, which center on an individual’s holistic development. In this approach, the instructor serves as a reference as well as a counselor for you during your time at university. Through your studies, you will naturally follow your own educational route, gaining the information, competencies, skills, and values that today’s society requires. You will boost your future career through the master and postgraduate programs at the European University of Valencia. 

Autonomous University of Barcelona

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university in Catalonia that is primarily based in Cerdanyola del Vallès, near Barcelona. The UAB is a research leader, encouraging multidisciplinarity in research, technology transfer, and knowledge transmission. The UAB’s mission is to contribute to societal and economic development by providing a solid training program and knowledge production and transfer. The UAB Artificial Intelligence academic program provides comprehensive AI training that will enable you to create intelligent systems that respond to societal concerns. It will provide you with the cognitive, mathematical, and algorithmic underpinnings of autonomous reasoning and learning processes that you’ll need to create AI applications in various fields.

National University of Distance Education UNED

The National University of Distance Education was established in 1972 as a remote learning and research university. The university awards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and non-degree qualifications such as diplomas and certificates. You can choose from 27 bachelor’s degrees, 76 master’s degrees, and 19 doctorate programs. It is a component of several student mobility programs, including Erasmus, the Santander Hispanic Mobility Scholarships, and the Pilot Mobility program. There are 153 partnerships between the university and institutions all around the world. The Artificial Intelligence Department of the National University of Distance Education UNED focuses on modeling and developing intelligent systems with applications in different domains such as education, medicine, surveillance, industry, etc.

University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza, sometimes known as Saragossa University, is a public university in Aragon, Spain, with teaching campuses and research centers distributed throughout three provinces. It is one of Spain’s oldest colleges, founded in 1542 and dating back to the Roman era. The University of Zaragoza strives to provide excellent comprehensive training via teaching and research. Its focus is on the active engagement of students, not only in terms of obtaining information but also in terms of the development of the students and their attitudes. The University of Zaragoza’s Artificial Intelligence Lab conducts research at all stages of industry readiness, from fundamental analysis to applied advancements. It includes all of the components of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, from essential machine learning to intelligence enhancement.

University of Girona

Girona University is a public university that is part of the Catalan public university system. It is committed to teaching and research excellence and contributing to societal growth and advancement via the invention, transmission, dissemination, and critique of science. It is the region’s economic and cultural engine, with a worldwide goal that embraces all of the world’s traditions, advancements, and civilizations. The Master in Intelligent Robotic Systems (MIRS) is a university master’s degree that seeks to teach a new generation of engineers who will build new applications and technologies. The lessons that you will take from this degree will serve you in the near future to enhance the capabilities of these intelligent robotic systems. The technology that underpins the creation of these systems originates from various fields, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and others.

University of Extremadura

Extremadura University is a public university in Extremadura, Spain. It was established in 1973 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Spain’s Decree, dated May 10th. The University of Extremadura currently offers 64 bachelor’s and 32 master’s degrees in various study subjects. The University of Extremadura has come to carry out the I Edition of the Artificial Intelligence Campus Week. This activity takes students closer to developing abilities like problem-solving and adapting to changing situations, which will help them meet the demands of a digital society. During the Artificial Intelligence Campus Week, many students have learned to interact in pairs with the artificial intelligence devices through a business management game that requires decision-making.