Best Private Universities in Spain

One of the primary rules of being satisfied with your chosen university is to do proper research on the best universities in Spain. By having an overview of Spanish universities you will be able to make the right choice. If you want to compare public universities with private ones, then you will have to dwell deeper than the cost of studying. However, looking at their courses is the best way to enter the right private Spanish university. In Spain, you can find many popular courses that thousands of international students are prone to pursue. 

Indeed, international students are moving more and more toward private universities because of the multitude of specialty choices that they offer. Another advantage of private universities is that they teach in the English language. Private schools may have different school hours, curricula, or even breaks from public schools. While private schools are more expensive in Madrid and Barcelona, they are generally less costly than private schools in Northern Europe and North America.

Here are some of the best private universities in Spain:

1. International University of Rioja

International University of La Rioja is a private university aiming to train new graduates with the knowledge, skills, and competencies that today’s society demands. Rioja draws special attention to innovation in teaching and learning methodology. Additionally, it has a firm commitment to transparency for all interest groups, such as students, teachers, and workers, among others. 

There are three modes of teaching at this private university. You can pick live classes, personal tutoring, or 100% online teaching. Although students who will conduct the majority of their preparation online, they can complete their final test in-person or online at many exam centers around Spain. The modern campus of the University of La Rioja takes place in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja. It is the only university in this small, quiet region of Northern Spain. 

2. International University of Valencia 

The International University of Valencia’s academic model builds on teaching and research excellence. UNESCO advocates the humanist perspective, which the university embraces. Both of them place people and the planet at the center of their educational approach. In this sense, one of the university’s main goals is to assist you throughout your educational process, helping you create a path that best suits you. 

With its commitment to excellence, the University of Valencia has become one of the top five scientific centers in Spain. For more than 500 years, the University of Valencia has grown alongside the city. As such, it has become an integral part of its urban fabric, generating spaces for education, research, cultural and scientific production and dissemination, as well as information transfer.

3. IE University 

IE University is ongoingly growing its impact on the educational sphere. Just recently, IE University has become a new member of the CIVICA, which brings together ten leading European higher education institutions in business management, humanities, social sciences, and public policy. The alliance connects more than 70,000 postdoctoral students and researchers and around 20,000 academic and professional staff. 

IE University is a university for students who embrace learning as a way of life. It provides a supportive learning environment where students and faculty interact together. IE University continues to take full responsibility for educating professionals who will make a difference in society in a way that is innovative, entrepreneurial, and academically rigorous. At IE University, you will receive an inspiring and challenging education that will shape who you are, who you will become, and how you will achieve your life goals.

4. European University of Canary Islands

European University of Canary Islands has an educational model that embodies the principles of the European Higher Education Area and ensures each individual receives a holistic education. As part of this model, the professor serves as a reference point as well as an adviser who guides the student through their university experience. 

The student, for their part, creates their own educational route by acquiring the information, competencies, abilities, and values required by today’s society. This model emphasizes each student’s maturity and autonomy so that they can learn to adapt to an increasingly complicated and ever-changing world. European University of Canary Islands devotes itself to collaboration and hand-in-hand practices. As an inclusive, multicultural organization, it values diversity and respects all points of view and cultural traits.

5. University of Francisco de Vitoria

University of Francisco de Vitoria is an international university by both origin and mission. University’s philosophy focuses on achieving a comprehensive education for its students, and this goal encourages the work of all its faculty and staff. According to this philosophy, Francisco de Vitoria delivers education with the motto: “overcome evil with good.” University of Francisco de Vitoria wants to produce scientists and educate people who can actively contribute to building a better and more humanistic world.

After more than 25 years, the UFV has two university campuses in Madrid, offering over 50 single and double degrees. The university’s identity reflects a Catholic university born from the Western cultural tradition. This university moves its students beyond professional training and gives them the opportunity to acquire a broad and critical perspective on life’s challenges. 

6. Isabel I University

Isabel I University, also known as University Isabel I of Castile or University Isabel I, is a private, state-recognized university. The educational group that comprises Isabel I University and its Foundation provides a significant academic offer of official titles, personal certificates, and professional training. Regarding official titles, Universidad Isabel offers 12 degrees, 7 double degrees, and 18 master’s degrees. 

What is more, the university provides Vocational Training. In this way, Isabel I University and its Foundation form an educational organization with several potential prospects in higher education. The Isabel I University has its own distinct style in the Spanish university landscape, one that encourages invention and creativity, two essential qualities that drive the Isabel I University’s character.