Top Business Masters Programs in Spain

Whether you are interested in doing an MBA in Spain or other masters programs, you will find plenty to choose from, because Spain has exceptional business masters programs. Students acquire crucial knowledge and skills about the continually developing world of business and then become successful professionals and business owners. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to business programs in Spain. 

In the below sections, we have listed some of the top business masters programs in Spain, from some of the country’s leading business schools. As an international student in Spain, you will find yourself gaining so much more than an academic degree; you will gain an unmatched experience in a country that never fails to impress, through its sunshine, golden beaches, culture, and cuisine.

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Here are the top business masters programs in Spain: 

1. MBA – Master in Business Administration in Madrid

Where? ESERP Business & Law School

How Much? €13,200

Duration: 9 months

Regardless what your aspirations are, this MBA in Madrid aims to prepare you with the essential skills and knowledge, to complement your already existing expertise in the world of business. You will learn to control everything related to the economy, whether it is financing or commercial operations. After completing this program, you will have also mastered the strategies and organisational aspects of different companies. 

Running your own business, or excelling in your dream profession, will become much more manageable, after completing this MBA. Some of the jobs you will be eligible for include CEO positions, operational manager, key account manager, entrepreneur creator, strategic business development positions, or strategic marketing consultant.

2. Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Where? EU Business School, Barcelona

How Much? €4,600/term

Duration: One Year (three terms)

The Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship program in Barcelona deals with the main components of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing clear and concise insight into the importance of the two. This program will focus on the development of critical thinking skills, in addition to problem-solving and management skills. It will also bring forth efficient solutions to the different challenges that the world of innovation and entrepreneurship faces today.

Studying this degree in the lively city of Barcelona will give you the chance to expand your business knowledge and expertise in one of the world’s most progressive cities. Being home to some of the world’s largest multinational companies, Barcelona is full of excellent opportunities to learn, develop, and grow. The faculty comprises renowned professors, entrepreneurs, academics, consultants, and business leaders.

3. MBA – Master in Business Administration Specialty in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Barcelona 

Where? ESERP Business & Law School, Barcelona

How Much? €13,200

Duration: 9 months

For those who are interested in marketing, and would like to learn more about integrating new forms of marketing, sales, and communication in today’s digital market, this MBA is an excellent opportunity to develop these exact skills and abilities further. During this program, you will learn to design, create, and produce different marketing, sales, and communication strategies.

After completing this MBA in Digital Marketing and Social Media, you will work across numerous sectors such as technology companies, marketing agencies, politics, entertainment, NGOs, etc., and learn to become an innovative leader in new technologies. Some of the occupations you will be eligible for are SEO consultant, SEM manager, ASO Specialist, web analyst, e-commerce director, copywriter, etc. 

4. International MBA in Digital Strategy in Barcelona

Where? ESERP Business & Law School, Barcelona

How Much? €13,200

Duration: 9 months

If you want to pursue an MBA in Spain, this MBA in Digital Strategy is a perfect option for those who want to learn more about the tools of entrepreneurship and business innovation. You will expand your professional and managerial skills in business, in a more digital environment. Upon completion, you will make practical decisions regarding necessary organisational changes and design relevant strategies to achieve business goals.

The academic staff is made of entrepreneurs, executives, and managers with years of experience in the field of business. Through an efficient digital strategy, you will become competent enough to outline and create a clear path toward your strategic goals. This program will give you the necessary tactics to lead you to success.

5. Master in Accounting & Financial Management 

Where? EADA Business School, Barcelona

How Much? €21,800

Duration: 9 months

This Master in Accounting & Financial Management offered by EADA Business School in Barcelona is among the best business masters programs in Spain, allowing students to dwell more in-depth into the specifics of accounting and finance. It prepares students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds to strive towards international careers in the financial and advisory services. 

Being among the top-ranked business schools in the city of Barcelona, this school is renowned for the quality of its teaching methodology based on small, multicultural classes. Participants will learn how to build and evaluate reporting and financial statements, review corporate performances, manage complex valuations, analyse international taxation, etc.

6. Master in Communication and Future Marketing in Barcelona

Where? GBSB Global Business School

How Much? €7,750

Duration: 9 months

Participants of this masters program in Communication & Future Marketing in Barcelona learn how to successfully plan and launch an integrated, multi-channel communication and marketing campaign, internationally. Students will gain proficiency in communication, global marketing, new and upcoming technologies, personal branding, etc., which are exceptional assets in the field. 

Courses will include experiential marketing, international negotiations, and digital marketing, where students will learn to be collaborative, analytical, and adapt to a continually changing professional environment. This program prepares students for an exciting career in an exciting industry, while equipped with the necessary skills required in the digital economy.

7. Master in Management – Bilingual

Where? EADA Business School, Barcelona

How Much? €24,500
Duration: 9 months

Also among top business masters programs, the Bilingual Master in Management can suit students who speak Spanish and English. This full-time program is aimed towards students who come from diverse academic and cultural backgrounds and who would like to receive training in three main areas, consulting entrepreneurship, and global innovation. 

Participants of this program will make the most of their potential due to the small number of participants in classes and individual follow-up. After working with multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, graduates will be adequately prepared to become influential leaders of change and skilled enough to face any challenges. 

8. Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation

Where? EADA Business School, Barcelona

How Much? €22,800

Duration: 9 months

The Master in Sustainable Business & Innovation program at EADA Business School, Barcelona is truly unique. It aims to promote the importance of hard skills and soft skills, such as communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership. The program emphasises the importance of these skills in the success of a professional career. 

The goal is to teach students how to develop critical and design thinking skills to thrive in a complex business environment, which is uncertain and everchanging. The curriculum is focused on sustainability and innovation, making this program unique and among the top business masters programs in Spain.

9. Master in Business Administration – IESE 

Where? IESE Business School, Barcelona

How Much? €89,950

Duration: 2 years

Pursuing an MBA in Spain at IESE Business School means you will be part of an international environment, where you will learn from the exchange of perspectives and experiences of classmates, a global community coming from over 55 countries around the world. The IESE MBA Spanish course is designed to help you become a confident and knowledgeable individual.

You will have the opportunity to learn how business is done across five continents, and you will learn from a global perspective. This program gives students a general management perspective and an efficient mindset towards approaching problems, which they can implement anywhere in their professional careers and businesses.

10. Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Where? IE School of Human Sciences and Technology

How Much? €35,200

Duration: 10 months

A truly special and one of the top business masters programs in Spain, the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data challenges students to face some of the most significant issues in the field of business today. This program creates successful future data scientists who are efficient in helping their companies become data-driven businesses. 

Participants will learn to rethink and rebuild processes, products, and services by applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve user problems. The program is divided into three terms, combining subjects from 4 key areas of knowledge and skills, including business transformation, data science, big data technologies, and professional skills.