Summer Study Abroad Programs in Spain

The summer season must be the perfect time of the year to explore the program of your dreams in Spain. Spain will give you a taste of a magical summer thanks to its splendid beaches and beautiful views. Outdoor activities and the bright colors of the summer season will make you feel like the nature around you is thriving every moment. 

Taking part in summer study abroad programs in Spain allows you to earn extra credits while enjoying summer break. You can expect to apply for a summer program in March or April since many summer study abroad programs run between May and September. 

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StudiesIn offers guidance to students from the moment they decide to study abroad to local relocation support in Spain to finding a job after graduation, arranging all necessary legal permits along the journey.

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As an affordable study abroad destination, Spain offers many cheap summer study abroad programs that will keep you satisfied with your choice.

Here are the top 8 summer study abroad programs in Spain: 

1. ISA Study Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced student; you can study at a university in Barcelona as part of this summer program. In addition to Menendez Pelayo International University and Pompeu Fabra University, ISA offers programs at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Universidad de Barcelona. Studying in Barcelona allows you to gain a deeper understanding of its rich languages, Castilian Spanish and Catalan.

Its cultural diversity and creative arts will also delight you. Discover why this city is one of Spain’s top clubbing destinations by taking an evening stroll through its vibrant nightlife. During the summer program, you will also have the opportunity to explore unique and stunning architecture, including medieval gothic castles and mosaic buildings. If you want to escape city life, take a trip to the country.

2. API at the Universidad Nebrija in Madrid, Spain 

With programs at four universities in Madrid, API offers some of the best cheap summer study abroad programs in Spain. The instruction language of the courses in the API program is Spanish, so this is an excellent time to brush up on your Spanish. Some universities in Madrid also run English programs if you aren’t confident taking Spanish classes. In order to make your adventure as smooth and easy as possible, API offers pre-departure, on-site, and even re-entry services.

When it comes to art museums, Madrid is considered one of the best European destinations. The Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum, and Thyssen Bornemisza Museum are three major museums that take place along the Paseo del Prado. One of the best things about API programs is the excursion opportunities. One afternoon can teach you more about history than years of lectures.

3. Summer Spanish Immersion – Study and Intern

As part of the Linguistic Horizons program, you will immerse yourself in a foreign language. To deepen your immersion in Spanish, you will take Spanish courses for academic credit and live with Spanish-speaking roommates. As part of this program, you can even participate in an internship, which takes place in the gorgeous beach city of La Coruna. Because you’ll be in a smaller city, you’ll be able to put your Spanish skills to use daily.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to improve your Spanish. You also have the option of taking part in an internship. This program is ideal for those who are serious about improving their Spanish skills. Students in La Corua experience true immersion in the Spanish language, delicious Galician food, fun nightlife, and beautiful beaches.

4. Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center (SIS) Summer Program

The Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center Summer Program allows you to take courses in two languages, English and Spanish. Barcelona SAE has some of the best program experts that will help you in your summer abroad journey every step of the way. Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center offers programs of varying lengths to suit your schedule and across different fields, including business, humanities, and Spanish language studies.

As part of the summer program, the Academic Study Center offers overnight excursions for its students, leaving you to experience Barcelona during your study abroad adventure. The SIS Summer Program exceeds your summer abroad expectations. Each semester includes an overnight excursion within Spain, day trips, career development tools, and several courses to choose from for a wide range of majors. The English Language will be the language of teaching elective courses. Nonetheless, students are highly encouraged to enroll in intensive Spanish.

5. USAC SPAIN: San Sebastián – Spanish Language & Psychology

The San Sebastián – Spanish Language & Psychology study program will be one of the most fantastic opportunities to experience the rich diversity of Spain. By picking this summer program, you will be more open-minded as you meet people with multicultural backgrounds. To enroll in this program, you must be interested in Spanish or Basque Studies. San Sebastián – Spanish Language & Psychology has an intensive language approach. You can finish up to two years of university language coursework in just one semester.

Besides completing San Sebastián’s language courses, you can supplement your studies with electives in history, literature, culture, and art. You will benefit from the San Sebastián elective courses since local Spanish students also participate in the program. Thus, San Sebastián – Spanish Language & Psychology provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for cultural integration.

6. University of Minnesota: Study & Intern in Toledo

Toledo is a historic center and one of the most representative Spanish culture cities. As a Medieval city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Toledo offers a unique experience for a summer program. The prominent José Ortega-Marañón Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Minnesota, offers the Study & Intern summer program in Toledo. Classes take place at the San Juan de la Penitencia residence, which is a 16th-Century convent.

The program offers modern learning facilities, spectacular city views, easy access to the downtown area, and public transit. In addition to the opportunity to improve Spanish language skills, the program offers a wide range of courses in the humanities, social sciences, and arts. Additionally, Toledo provides an excellent base from which you can explore Spain and its cultural heritage. Toledo, a city of approximately 80,000, provides an environment where you can immerse in Spanish culture through coursework, internships, and daily life.

7. Spanish Studies Program – Seville, Spain

Spanish Studies Abroad offers a fantastic study abroad program in Seville. Intermediate and advanced Spanish students will get the best out of this program since it will serve them to further their Spanish skills. More than just learning the Spanish language, the program intends to immerse you in the Spanish culture. Participating in its cultural activities and day trips will allow you to experience Seville and give you the perfect backdrop for your adventure. 

The program maintains membership in several professional organizations specializing in language education and study abroad. Its mission is to promote equal opportunities within the programs and to ensure that people of all races, religions, ethnicities, ages, physical abilities, genders, and sexual orientations have the same lucky chances. Spanish Studies Abroad believes in educating students on cultural tolerance and sensitivity, acceptance of differences, inclusiveness, and how students view diversity in other cultures.

8. Summer Course Design Experience – IED Madrid 

IED Madrid is one of the schools in Spain that meets students’ expectations about tertiary education. Students who are prone to the design field will find the Summer Course Design Experience an irreplaceable summer program. Of many activities that this program offers, the creative workshops serve as the most usable ones to give you a unique perspective on the design field. 

The Design Experience Summer Program comprises four one-week workshops, each focusing on a design area. As a design student, you will develop your creative abilities with experimental workshops in fashion design, product design, interior design, and graphic design. Having the opportunity to finish the summer program in Madrid will give you all you need to expand your knowledge in this field.