Studying in Spanish or English

If you are an international student choosing to attend a university in Spain, prepare yourself. Most of the universities in the country teach their studies in the Spanish language. It is highly advisable that you be able to speak, read, write and understand the Spanish language before you choose to enroll in a college in the country.

The Chance to Learn Spanish

If you do not already know the Spanish language there are many courses that you can take before enrolling in the actual classes that you want to take. The time length for these courses vary, dependent upon the location in which you choose to study as well as the exact program that you choose. Keep in mind there are costs associated with attending these classes, however, they greatly prepare you for what is ahead.

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Do bear in mind that taking a Spanish course Is not mandatory, however, without the knowledge of the Spanish language it is much more difficult to learn the subject that you have come to learn. You are in a Spanish speaking country, after all, and learning the language is something that you should want to do. Nothing is more exciting than learning a language from those who speak it the best. Imagine coming back home and being able to talk to all of your family and friends in this new found language. It will amaze everyone around you –including yourself! 

English in Spain

Do keep in mind that there are some courses that are taught in English, but these courses are usually few and far between. To learn whether or not a university in Spain offers their courses in English you should contact the university directly.

A couple of universities in Spain that do offer teaching in English include:

  • Global Business School – Located in Barcelona, this private university offers bachelor’s degrees as well as master’s degrees in a number of different studies. There are students at this university from around the world. Some of the available courses at this university include English Preparation, Finance, Marketing,  Business management and a number of others.
  • Marbella University – Marbella University is another English speaking university found in Spain. This university is located in Malaga. It is the first, as well as the only, university in South Spain that offers English courses.  Students can be found from all around the world. This university offers the chance to earn a Bachelor’s degree in any number of popular subjects, including Tourism, Hospitality, Journalism, Business administration and a number of others.

More often than not it is safe to say that you will need to be familiar with the Spanish language in order to be successful at a university in the country.