Study in Spain for Indian Students

Choosing Spain as the optimal country abroad to do your tertiary studies will be one of the best decisions so far. Well, that is for multiple reasons. For many years Spain continues to be among the top 10 most prominent countries in the European Union. Study opportunities are quite inclusive to every student around the world; in fact, Spain offers study programs and many scholarships for students from certain countries, including India. 

Indian students, besides studying for university degrees, will also learn the Spanish language as the universities around Spain offer them excellent facilities to develop their academic competencies. Not only for Indian students but for all international students, Spain offers a much more affordable standard of living than other western countries. Students from abroad, as well as Indians, can apply for many scholarships in Spain. 

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Here’s how to study in Spain for Indian students: 

Admission Requirements

Indian students wishing to study in Spain should know that some admission requirements must be fulfilled. Upon your decision to study university programs in Spain as an Indian student, consider the following general requirements that you need to be aware of:

  • Education Degrees and Certificates. If you are willing to study a bachelor’s degree in Spain, you should provide your High School Certificate and transcripts. In the case of master’s studies, you should prove you have finished your bachelor’s by showing the bachelor’s degree certificate/diploma. 
  • Passport. It is one of the most fundamental requirements of all the others. Studying abroad requires a passport that is valid for the duration of the program.
  • Language Proficiency Proof.  Students from India studying in Spain must prove their proficiency in English and Spanish. English proficiency is usually demonstrated through tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Proof of Monetary Funds. Having the financial means necessary for the first year in Spain is another crucial aspect of studying in Spain. You must prove your financial stability through bank statements or other required documents.

Spain Visa Requirements for Indian Students

Spanish student visas are required for Indian students studying in Spain. To enroll in a course that lasts more than six months, students must have a type D student visa. In the case of an education visa or student visa in Spain, the duration of your course determines which visa category you should apply. To better understand which visa is appropriate for you, take a look at these two distinctive D type visas below:

  • 180 Days – This D type Visa applies if you’re enrolled in a course that ranges from three to six months.
  • Students Visa –  This D type Visa applies if you’re enrolled in a course that lasts more than six months.

Spain has expanded its visa options for students. Spain visa applicants can get a card called the Residence Card for Foreign Students, or TIE. A TIE is a card with an annual validity that allows students to stay in the country only during their studies. In other words, it is valid for one year upon receipt per academic year, and students may renew it for subsequent academic years until they have completed their course in Spain. 

Given that the visa application procedure might take some time, students are recommended to apply for it as soon as they are accepted into a Spanish university. The documentation requirements are the same as in other nations. The National Visa Form for Spain must be downloaded and submitted to the Spanish Embassy in New Delhi. Additionally, Indian students must submit their biometric data (fingerprints and photos) and show up for the visa interview.

Cost of Living and Studying 

As one of the most attractive countries in the EU, Spain offers affordable living costs and a fantastic experience for international students. Generally, the cost of living will depend on which region of Spain you live. For an average lifestyle, an Indian student will need from 900 € to 1,200 € per month for living expenses. There are many saving tips for students who study and live abroad. So, there is still a way for you to have some extra “unexpected money” in your pocket as you live in Spain. 

In the case of living in bigger cities of Spain, such as Madrid and Barcelona, you have to expect a higher cost of living. On the other hand, choosing cities like Valencia or Cadiz as study destinations will assure you a much more affordable cost of living since it will require less than 900 € per month on average. 

Here are three accommodation options for students in Spain: 

  • Student Residence Halls.  It is one of the preferable living options since its prices range from 350 € to 650€ per month. 
  • Apartments. This is another popular accommodation option among students. Prices range from around 200 € to more than 1,000 € per month.
  • Spanish Family. The cost of living with a Spanish family will vary based on the region, utilities, the house, and so on. There are a number of online services that will assist you in finding Spanish families.

Scholarship Opportunities in Spain for Indian Students

In Spain, many scholarships are available for international and Indian students. Some universities offer scholarships in the form of tuition fee waivers or financial aid. Some of the scholarships are also provided by the government. The best way to apply for a scholarship is to visit the official websites and check if you meet the criteria for certain scholarships in Spain. 

Spain’s public and private universities offer different scholarships in different academic programs. At the same time, Spanish scholarships cover the majority of tuition fees. While some scholarships are available to all students, others may be available to those belonging to underrepresented communities. 

Here is a list of some Spain scholarships for Indian students:

  • Global Experiences Generation Study Abroad Scholarship
  • Spanish Studies Abroad Merit-Based Scholarship
  • UIC Barcelona Scholarship
  • CIEE Scholarships and Grants
  • European University of the Atlantic
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

 Top Universities in Spain for Indian Students 

Statistics show that the number of Indian students enrolled in public universities is higher than the number of students enrolled at private Spanish universities. . Therefore, in Spain, you will find more Indian students in public universities, although a considerable number of Indian students are enrolled in private ones.

Here are the top 5 universities in Spain for Indian students:

1. University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona was established in 1450 and is thus one of the oldest universities in Catalonia and Spain. Even these days, the University of Barcelona is ranked first among European universities. In addition to its 106 departments, it has more than 5,000 full-time researchers, technicians, and assistants, most of whom are part of the 243 Catalan-supported research groups.

2. Autonomous University of Madrid

The Autonomous University of Madrid is a Spanish public university in Madrid, Spain. UAM is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most prestigious universities. According to Erudera, the highly regarded platform, UAM is ranked as the top university in Spain. The University has around 60 departments that offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. 

3. University of Navarra

The University of Navarra is a Christian-inspired institution that carries out its activities as a non-profit organization. Professor, research, and welfare activities are conducted without profit motives. Through its six campuses in Pamplona, San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich, and New York City, the university confers 35 official degrees. Its mission is to seek and transmit the truth and contribute to the academic, cultural, and personal training of its students. 

4. University of Valencia 

The University of Valencia was founded in 1499 and today has around 55,000 students. While most courses are taught in Spanish, the university has promised to expand its Valencian offerings. A portion of the teaching is also conducted in English in some programs. The Universitat de València’s mission is to train competent professionals at European Professional Standards and to encourage prestigious research with other international universities. 

5. Complutense University of Madrid

The Complutense University of Madrid is a well-known institution of higher education with a long record. Students at Complutense have access to various facilities and library resources while pursuing a degree from a prestigious institution. The Complutense University of Madrid, often regarded as one of the oldest institutions in the world, had its origins in the thirteenth century. The Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has a vibrant, urban, and global community. As Spain’s largest university, its numerous connections with EU students, academic staff and collaborative partners are quite impactful in Europe and beyond.