Online Spanish Master’s Degrees

Completing a master’s degree is an advantageous step towards a rewarding career. Internationally, students are known for their eagerness to find jobs as soon as they graduate with an undergraduate degree. You may wonder how to get a job and complete a master’s degree at the same time. Well, it is possible to manage both of these aspects simultaneously. The answer is to pursue an online master’s degree, thus allowing you to both work and attend classes without clashes in the schedule. 

If you are reading this article, it is most likely that you want to pursue your master’s in Spain. However, for one reason or another, you cannot leave your home country and attend your studies in person. Spain universities are known for offering numerous master’s degrees, for students with different backgrounds. 

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Can I Get an Online Master’s Degree in Spain? 

The universities of Spain have gone through a noticeable success growth in the last few years, adding to their previous high popularity for international students. The modern teaching methods and new technologies have made Spain an ideal destination for international students. 

There is a wide range of options in Spain to complete a MA or MBA online. Considering the latest technology has largely benefited the internet world, now it is easier than ever to get an online degree, even at the graduate level. If you intend to study in English, numerous Spanish institutions are offering online courses in both Spanish and English. 

Except for the fewer possibilities for networking in an online module, and the impossibility of attending classes in person, many advantages make online learning a suitable option. 

For example, through an online Spanish master’s degree, you can:

  1. Manage personal and professional life. With online classes, you will be able to study, take part in lectures and maintain a healthy relationship with friends and family. Since you will not be away from home, you will be able to study in the comfort and convenience of having your closest people around you for anything you may need.
  1. Save money and time. Studying abroad in Spain is known for being an amazing but expensive experience. Even if you manage to get a scholarship, the living costs in Spain may be unaffordable for students. Therefore, an online master’s degree in Spain will remove the financial burden. You will also save a lot of time by not having to commute back and forth from university.
  1. Take your classes with you. Since online studies are mainly done on a laptop or PC, you will be able to travel wherever and whenever you want. This will not stop you from getting your master’s degree and you will turn into a professional multitasker. Moreover, online courses give you the opportunity to study at your own pace. 

Universities Offering Online Master’s Degrees in Spain

Spain is home to many world-renowned universities that attract millions of international students every year. With online learning becoming a popular choice by students more and more, universities of Spain offer numerous courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. In this article, we have gathered information on master’s degrees that are available online in Spain. 

Here are some of the best universities offering online Master’s degree in Spain and their most in-demand programs: 

Public Online Universities 

Name of the UniversityMaster’s Programs Offered
The National University of Distance Education (UNED)Literature, Law, Computer Engineering, Business and Economy, Psychology, etc.
The University of Burgos (UBU)Political Science and Public Management; Spanish: Language and Literature, History and Heritage, Informatics Engineering and Tourism.
The University of Vigo Public Management and Management, International Trade.
The University of Barcelona Health and Social Sciences, Pharmacy, Business, Transformation and Sustainability, and Education and Culture.

Private Online Universities

Name of the University Master’s Programs Offered
The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) Arts and Humanities, Social and Labor Sciences, Law, Economics and Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Marketing and Communication, Tourism, and Design.
The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) Law and Computer Engineering
The Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA) Information and Communication Technologies.
The International University of Valencia (VIU) Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Science and Technology, Legal, Business, Education, and Communication.
The European University Sports Management, Football Coaching and Sports Direction, Sports Law, Sports Marketing and Esports Management, Sports Nutrition.

How Much Does an Online Master’s Degree Cost? 

The costs of Spanish universities for getting a Master’s degree can depend on the university, the program of your choice as well as the program duration. Tuition fees vary also depending on the region of Spain you choose to study since some cities can be more expensive than others because of the location and popularity. Online programs, on the other hand, are way more affordable in terms of tuition fees. 

We have taken the same universities mentioned above and listed the average tuition fees for each of them below. 

University Tuition Fees 
The National University of Distance Education (UNED)€13-21 per ECTS 
The University of Burgos (UBU)€12-21 per ECTS
The University of Vigo €10 per ECTS
The University of Barcelona €65-100 per ECTS
The International University of La Rioja (UNIR) Depends on the program and students’ characteristics. 
The Open University of Catalonia (UOC) €20-22 per ECTS
The Distance University of Madrid (UDIMA) €80 per ECTS
The International University of Valencia (VIU) €83 per ECTS
The European University €128 per ECTS

Online Learning in Public vs. Private Universities 

  • Online Masters in Private Universities. As you can see on the tables above, there is a difference in tuition between public and private universities. Generally, private universities use brand-new technologies in their online courses and modern teaching methods through online tools. 
  • Online Masters in Public Universities. Public universities on the other hand do not have the funds needed to invest in online learning, in comparison to private institutions. Therefore, their teaching methods are not very different from the traditional methodologies. However, students who enroll in studies that do not require a lot of time and focus, can get their online master’s degree in public universities and have no problem with future employment.

How Long Does an Online Master’s Degree Take? 

Master’s degrees usually take a maximum of two years to complete, if you attend lectures regularly and pass the classes in planned time. The duration of your master’s degree can depend on the program of your choice as well as the period of your studies. Full-time studies can be completed within two years, and part-time studies on the other hand can take more than that according to the students’ schedule and how they arrange their classes. 

In this article we have been discussing the process of online learning and what it takes to get an online master’s degree. There is not much difference between the course duration between online masters and regular masters. Spanish universities that offer online master’s programs do not usually take more than two years to complete. Online courses can depend on the course you choose and the schedule that different classes fall on. 

If your degree includes a thesis paper by the end of the entire course, you may get an extension by the university allowing you to take more than two years to graduate. Some universities can even allow you up to 4 years to complete your master’s degree, because of different circumstances that present themselves with time.

Such cases may include: 

  • Juggle school and work at the same time.
  • Spend time with family in your home country.
  • Study in another university in your home country simultaneously.