Transportation in Spain

How will you get around while you live and study in Spain? There is certainly no shortage of transportation options available to you, and here we will look at those options and help you learn just a little bit more about them. With this information you can easily get anywhere that you need to go, any time that you need to get there.

Rental Car

Rental cars are available to students in Spain, although there may be restrictions on what can be rented due to your age. A rental car can be rented by the day, the week or the month, with tremendous discounts the longer that you have the vehicle. Many different types of vehicles are available for rental, and the good thing about a rental car is that you always have access to transportation so you can easily get where you need to be without delay. Another great thing about a rental car is that you can travel more, visiting nearby cities if you so choose to do so.

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Public Transportation

Public transportation is also available in cities throughout Spain and one of the most common ways that students get around. There are several options for public transportation throughout Spain. Do keep in mind that the public transportation available  to you may vary.

  • Train: Train travel is a popular way to get around. It is really convenient, though service is very limited on the main line, the Spanish Speed Train (AVE), running only from Catalonia to Andalusia and crossing over Madrid.  The AVE is more expensive than other train options, though all are affordable for most students. Additionally the trains are quite, clean and comfortable so you can ride them with ease.
  • Bus: Bus is also popular for getting around Spain. They go places that the train does not go, offering more frequent service and more destinations. There are several different coach companies offering busses throughout Spain at very costs, all very affordable for the budget. For a seamless and budget-friendly travel experience, consider planning your bus journey through platforms like Omio. Explore your options with ease and make the most of your Spanish adventure.
  • Taxi Cab: A taxi cab rental is available in most Spain cities. Taxi cabs are convenient and can take you anywhere that you need to go. Taxi cabs operate 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The rates for a taxi can be expensive with taxi cab companies charging a per meter rate for each destination. Flat rates to/from the airport may be available.


Walking is an option that you can use in many different cases. While it is certainly not possible to walk everywhere you want to go, you can walk to your destination oftentimes. When you walk you are saving yourself money, as well as providing yourself with a number of health benefits. Walking is a great way to get out and enjoy the fresh air and explore the city while you are at it.

Most students in Spain will find they use several of the different methods of transportation, so It is best to get familiar with all of them so you always know just what to do when you need to get out and about.

Also keep in mind that Spain has about 70  different airports that can help you get to and from your destinations both inside and outside of the country.