Preparing for Spain The Final Checklist

The time has come to board the plane and head to Spain. You’re sure to have so much anticipation inside you just don’t know what to do, but do not allow that excitement prevent you from preparing yourself. Before you go out there door and make your way to the airport, take a look at this final checklist. This is all information vital to your Spain trip, so make sure that you double and triple check them all. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry!

Saying Goodbye

  • Before the day of your departure, consider holding a special celebration with family and friends to say goodbye. Have refreshments and music, and make it an event to remember. Take lots of photos, post them on all of your social networking sites and keep the memories alive.
  • Be sure that you take at least one photo album with you with all of your favorite pictures inside of it. While you can view them online nothing is better than having the copy in your hand.
  • Make sure that everyone is  there to wish you farewell.

Documents & Important Information

  • You will need your Visa as well as your passport to travel to Spain, and without these items you aren’t going to get very far. Make sure that you have them inside of your purse or an important place within easy access upon your arrival at the airport.
  •  Be sure that you have your birth certificate with you upon departure.
  •  Your Social Security Card is also important to have, along with photo identification.
  •  Have you chosen your healthcare and other required or desired insurances? This is also something to at least get started with before leaving the country.
  •  Have you looked at the banks and credit institutions in Spain? Many are available, and a very good help in keeping finances in order while you are attending college.
  •  Have you contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Embassy in your country yet? If not, it is way past time to make this connection. These agencies can help you learn of any financial aid that may be available to help minimize the costs of attending college in the country.
  •  Do you have all of the important numbers that you may need while you are overseas? This includes doctor, aunt and uncle cell phone numbers, etc.
  •  Do you know where to get help? Europe Direct. Europe Direct will be able to assist you with any and all questions you may have about living in Spain, whether it is related to college or how to apply for a work permit.
  •  Have you applied to college? Do you meet all of the admission requirements? Do not wait until it is to late to apply to college. This should be done many weeks ahead of time of your departure.
  •  Have you evaluated living costs in Spain and made a budget for yourself? This is important, especially if this is the first time you’ve stepped out from your parent’s wings.

Living Arrangements

  • Have you made living arrangements already? It is important to do this prior to departing your homelands, even if you choose to stay in an extended stay hotel for a while.
  • If you plan to rent your own apartment, have you called about getting utilities set up in your name? This includes electricity, water, telephone, Internet, and, if desired pay television.
  • Have you found a roommate?


  • Make sure that you have plenty of clothing packed.
  • Leave the toiletries behind. They are much easier to simply purchase when you arrive in Spain.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to pack and prepare your bags. When you do you are bound to leave something out.
  • Keep in mind the fees for extra baggage when you are packing your bags.


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