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Accommodation in Spain


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As a student in a Spain college or institution, having adequate housing for your stay is a must. It is essential that housing be arranged before you arrive in the country. Several housing options are available for students, each with their own perks and benefits, as well as cons. You should take a look at all of the housing options that are available, weighing both the pros and the cons, before making the choice as to where you will stay while attending college.

Types of Housing

The type of housing that is available to a student may vary depending upon your exact location  in the country.  Additionally the costs of that particular housing will vary according to your location. Do keep these things in mind when comparing your options.

Host Families

Foreign students wishing to attend college in Spain can choose to stay with a host family. Many host family opportunities are available for students throughout Spain, each providing a highly rewarding experience that will leave you with many memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Dorm Housing

Many of the colleges and universities in Spain offer dormitories and student housing on campus. Student housing varies according to the exact school you will be attending, but is something to look into. The benefits of dorm housing include the ability to meet other students attending college, the ability to live much more affordably and the fact that you are always nearby the school.

Studio Apartments

Also known as extended-stay hotels, studio apartment rentals are available throughout Spain and an option that many students opt for, especially upon first entering the country. Though costly, these apartments provide everything that a college student needs –from living space to a bedroom area, a kitchenette, on-site laundry facilities, cable TV, telephone and more –all at one price that can be paid per week or month. Studio apartment rentals are available for periods of 30 days to 12 months.


Many students enjoy living with a roommate. Not only does it reduce the cost of living, it also provides people to socialize with when you are probably alone in a new country.  If you are a people person, roommates could be the best choice for your accommodation in Spain.


If you prefer  to rent your own place while you attend college, apartments and flats are available, along with townhomes. However, it is important to know that it can be difficult to get into such housing. It is in your best interest to speak with an agent dealing in rental homes if you wish to obtain your own private housing. Most of the rentals are handled by private owners, but in larger cities such as Madrid, these apartments are often already occupied or filled quickly. The agent can make the process of finding something suitable for your needs easier, especially when you are thousands of miles away. If you’re looking for apartments in Barcelona or Madrid, head to websites that specialise in apartment rentals in these cities such as Homelike and Idealista.

A Look at Spain Accommodation Information

The amount of rent that you will pay to rent your own home in Spain will vary according to your location, the neighborhood that you choose, the accommodations and amenities offered  and other factors. For example the average rental rate for a one bedroom apartment in Barcelona is around 850 Euros while in Madrid the one bedroom rate averages a cost of 1000 Euros per month. There are also other costs that you may incur that should be kept in mind as well, including telephone, utilities, food, etc.

Be sure that you take into consideration other factors that may be needed when you move in, such as deposits for the rental and/or utilities, fees for application, and the likewise. Do keep in mind that many landlords require that you sign a contract before moving into their homes. Most of the contracts state the period of time that you will agree to live in the accommodation, as well as other terms and conditions of living on the property, so make sure that you read this contract well before signing on the dotted line.

You will also need to make sure that you have dishes, toiletries and other essential items upon moving in to ensure your comfort. Plan your budget for moving in accordingly, and always keep this in mind when making your housing selection. Plan to have a little more money than you anticipate needing, just to have on hand for those unexpected things that always seem to happen.

While cost is always a factor, make sure that you take the time to carefully select which of the accommodation options is best suited for your needs. Your comfort is of the most importance, and when you are in lands that are probably quite unfamiliar to you, being able to go home to a place of comfort is essential. There are many rentals and many options available, so make sure that you do take the time to examine them all and get just what you want and need in your accommodations. Attending college in Spain is a once in a lifetime experience; make it as special as it should be with the perfect accommodations.