Study in San Sebastián

Studying abroad in San Sebastian, Spain, is an outstanding opportunity to travel around the unique landscapes and coastal beauty that this city has to offer. Reasons to study abroad in San Sebastian are plentiful, from the academic quality, wide array of study programs, countless places to visit, and astonishing beaches, to name a few. But, above all, the friendliness of the locals, who call themselves donostiarra, is unmatched. Known locally as Donostia, this city has an excellent reputation when it comes to its cuisine, which basically means you will get to enjoy mouthwatering food anywhere you go. If this isn’t enough reason to study abroad in San Sebastian, I don’t know what is! 

Here’s everything you need to know about studying abroad in San Sebastián, Spain:

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Reasons to Study Abroad in San Sebastian, Spain

  1. San Sebastian is Captivating 

San Sebastian (also called Donostia) is a fascinating city to visit and live in during your studies. Located on Spain’s northern coast (rather close to the border of France), this city provides wonderful landscapes, remarkable architecture, and friendly locals. San Sebastian has magnificent beaches and beautiful mountains, making it one of the main reasons to study in San Sebastian. You will have countless chances to relax, be adventurous, and take a swim in its picturesque beaches. But San Sebastian is not simply beaches and mountains. San Sebastian is an inviting modern city that takes you into its embrace as days go by – and eventually, it starts to feel like home (although far away from home). 

  1. Exceptional Culinary and Cultural Tradition

Basque Country is one of the top destinations in the world when it comes to gastronomy, home to almost 40 Michelin-rated restaurants. Culinary delights are more or less what define San Sebastian, attracting countless tourists who are looking for a great place to relax, travel around, and eat good food. But its Michelin-starred restaurants are not the only places you can grab good food in San Sebastian. Head over to your nearest bar in the old quarter, and you will be introduced to finger-licking pintxos (tapas) that highly complement your drink and night out. 

When it comes to cultural activities, have you ever heard of San Sebastian’s most important festival, known as la Tamborrada? This 24-hour drum festival gathers thousands of people in the street in celebration of the city’s history and culture. Parades of people dressed as chefs and soldiers march around, playing the city’s anthems. But this is only one of the many impressive cultural events and traditions that define San Sebastian. Live music venues, international film festivals, art galleries – you choose.

  1. Perfect Location to Travel Around

Located 20km from the French border, San Sebastian is a beautiful town that never fails to impress. Besides being one of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions due to its fascinating culture, cuisine, and outdoors – this city also provides great access to the rest of Spain and other European countries (such as France). If you decide to pursue your degree in San Sebastian, you will have numerous chances to travel around. The people are helpful, polite, and welcoming. Nature here is always willing to give you its fair share of fresh air. Whether you want to walk or bike to class, you are guaranteed to have a good time. 

Study Programs in San Sebastian 

Although San Sebastian is a small city, it has its share of undergraduate and postgraduate programs you could pursue. For example, Deusto University, the oldest private university in Spain, has a campus in San Sebastian (along with those in Bilbao, Vitoria, and Madrid). Whether you are looking to spend a semester or summer abroad in San Sebastian, you can do so as a visiting student here. Moreover, you can also enroll in a Spanish language course or pursue your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate as a full-time student in any field of study.

Cost of Studying Abroad in San Sebastian, Spain

A student will need approximately €900 (rent included) per month to live in San Sebastian. The cost of living abroad in San Sebastian is generally more affordable compared to cities like Barcelona or Madrid. But, of course, the cost of living in San Sebastian will depend mainly on the student’s lifestyle, location, and preferences. You will be able to find student accommodation in San Sebastian for as little as €350 per month for a room in a shared student apartment. You may be required to pay anywhere between €350 to €600 per room, depending on the size of the apartment, its location, and amenities.

The cost of tuition fees in San Sebastian depends on the study program and university. Public universities around Spain charge lower tuition fees compared to private universities. The program’s number of ECTS credits plays an important role in the cost since universities in Spain charge students on a pay-per-credit basis. Generally, an academic year has 60 ECTS credits; the cost per credit is anywhere between €12-30 for the first enrollment. This means that the cost of tuition per year will be approximately €720-1,800 for undergraduate students. Learn more about tuition fees in Spain here.

Places to Visit in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sabastian is a beautiful place to pursue studies, not only due to Spain’s renowned academic reputation; but also because the study experience is filled with great adventure. There are numerous places and landmarks to visit in San Sebastian, and there is, generally, never a dull moment. Therefore, when in San Sebastian, do as tourists do, visit anything there is to visit because… why not? Below are some of the top places you should definitely check out while studying abroad in San Sebastian, Spain. 

  • San Telmo Museum. 
  • White Sand Beach at La Concha Bay.
  • The Old Town of San Sebastian.
  • Miramar Royal Palace.
  • Santa Clara Island.
  • The Basilica of Santa María del Coro.
  • Ondarreta Beach.
  • Buen Pastor Cathedral.
  • Aiete Palace of San Sebastián.