Study in Granada

Granada has a mesmerizing mixture of architectural styles, beautiful scenery, and fascinating history. This small city has plenty to offer in terms of sightseeing, friendliness, and warm weather. Located in the southern Spanish Andalucia region, Granada attracts thousands of students from around the world.

Each neighborhood in Granada is unique in its own way. There is always something interesting to see and do, from street art to museums – which makes studying abroad in Granada, Spain, such an invaluable experience. Whether you plan to study for a degree, learn the language, or enroll in a summer course, Granada will be glad to welcome you.

Here’s everything you need to know about studying abroad in Granada: 

Reasons to Study Abroad in Granada 


Granada is a budget-friendly destination to pursue your studies. In fact, it is listed as one of the cheapest cities to study in Spain for international students. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for as little as €520 per month; meanwhile, you could grab a meal, in an inexpensive restaurant, for as little as €10. The University of Granada, which is also one of Spain’s most affordable universities, offers a wide range of study options, reasonable tuition fees, and quality education. 

Outstanding Landmarks and Landscapes

Granada’s picture-perfect landscapes and scenery are enough to satisfy the nature-lovers and explorers. The Alahambra Palace, on the other hand, built between the 13th and 14th centuries, is one of the biggest tourist attractions, not only in Granada but throughout Spain. Its history is one of a kind, but its architecture and grandiose gardens are a sight for sore eyes. Being close to the mountains and the beach makes Granada the perfect destination for both lovers of the mountains and the coast. 

Friendly People

People are friendly and welcoming in Granada. This small city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region is welcoming to all tourists and international students. For example, a drink in an authentic tapas bar will be complemented by free tapas. And who doesn’t love free food? Granada welcomes its international students with arms wide open (and plenty of student discounts). Regardless of which museum you intend to visit in Granada, you will likely receive a generous student discount. It’s pretty easy to be budget-wise in Granada. 

Excellent Education

The University of Granada is renowned for its academic excellence in and out of Spain. It offers courses and degrees in more than 70 undergraduate programs and around 100 master’s programs. Granada offers its students a wide array of services and development opportunities. The world-class facilities enable students to engage in numerous extracurricular activities and stay active. Most undergraduate degree programs in Granada include internship opportunities through which students can practice their knowledge and enter the job market.

Study Programs in Granda

You can choose from a variety of study programs in Granada, Spain. From short-term and summer programs to yearly or full-time degree programs, you can find anything in Granada. The University of Granada also offers study + internship programs international students can choose from at a convenient cost. This university provides programs in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Law, Sciences and Health Sciences, as well as Technology, Engineering, and Architecture. Anyone can find a suitable program here. 

Prospective students can find over 70 undergraduate degree programs, including 12 double degrees and 12 international dual degrees in Granada. For those interested in postgraduate studies, the University of Granada offers more than 100 master’s degrees, including 5 bilingual programs and 3 programs entirely in English. You can find approximately 28 Ph.D. programs at this university, as well as numerous language courses, summer schools, or online courses. International students have plenty of opportunities to grow and advance in Granada. 

Cost of Living in Granada

The cost of studying abroad in Granada is comparatively lower than in many other Spanish cities. It has been estimated that international students will need approximately €800 per month to cover their living expenses. The total cost, however, depends on factors like rent and lifestyle. Many international students opt for shared accommodation, which means they rent a room and share an apartment with other students. This means the cost of rent becomes relatively more affordable compared to paying rent and utilities alone. 

Generally, the average cost of living in Granada is:

  • Accommodation in Shared Apartment: €250 per month (including utilities).
  • Food, Drink, Entertainment: €400-500 per month. 
  • Monthly Transportation Ticket: €50-60.

Cost of Studying in Granada

Tuition fees at public universities in Spain are regulated by the government and calculated on a pay-per-credit basis. An academic year at Spanish universities is worth 60 ECTS credits. The average tuition cost for undergraduate programs in Granada is €1,800 per year; meanwhile, the average tuition cost for postgraduate programs is around €2,700 per year. Tuition fees are usually higher for international students because international fees apply. In addition, some study fields, like medicine or engineering, are more expensive.

Student Accommodation in Granada 

Student accommodation in Granada is available in various forms. Thousands of students live and study in Granada. The University of Granada provides thorough information regarding accommodation through its Accommodation Management Office. Students can choose from alternatives such as university residences, student apartments, hostels, or host families. Usually, students opt for shared accommodation, paying approximately €250 per month in rent and utilities.

The average cost of rental property in Granada is: 

One-Bedroom Apartment (Center)€520
One-Bedroom Apartment (Periphery)€362
Three-Bedroom Apartment (Center)€772
Three-Bedroom Apartment (Periphery)€553

Renting a three-bedroom apartment, with two other friends, in the city center in Granada will cost you approximately €257 per month in rent only. The divided cost of utilities depends on spendings. The cost of rent depends on the size, condition, and amenities of the apartment.

Top Places to Visit in Granada

Some of the top places to visit in Granada during your stay include: 

  • The Alhambra Fortress
  • Carmen de los Martires Gardens
  • The Albaicín/Albayzín Neighborhood
  • The City’s Cathedral at the Center of Old Granada
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Carrera del Darro
  • Sacromonte Neighborhood
  • Granada Charterhouse, etc.