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International students in Spain count for approximately 12.5% of the whole student population in tertiary education. The numbers have increased from the past years, which means Spain enjoys growing popularity as a study abroad destination. The reasons are plentiful, from the excellent higher education system, the great climate, outstanding outdoors, and all the way to the language-learning opportunities. Universities in Spain welcome thousands of international students every year, contributing to a diverse environment with plenty of opportunities to grow and learn.

Can I study in Spain in English?

Yes, you can study in Spain in English, considering higher education institutions in Spain offer numerous courses in languages other than Spanish, for students who do not speak the language. Although classes are mostly taught in Spanish, students can usually find diverse English-taught programmes, either in public or private universities. Many universities also offer Spanish language courses to learn the language before undergraduate studies. The academic opportunities are endless in Spain, and there is a diverse array of colleges in Spain for international students that offer world-class education.  

Here are some of the colleges in Spain for international students: 

1. University of Valencia 

Type: Public University

The University of Valencia is recognised for being a highly-qualified higher education institution, accessible to everyone. This university keeps amongst its values the ability to provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies and, in turn, improve chances of graduate employability. Exchange students at this university, but not only, are eligible for Spanish language courses. At the same time, certain faculties/schools offer courses taught in English, which is an advantage for international students who do not speak Spanish. This university is also qualified for its research, innovation, and wide range of exchange and scientific-technical services.

2. University of Granada 

Type: Public University 

The University of Granada is among the best universities in Spain, recognised for its quality, teaching, research, culture, and services. International students in Spain may be able to find a selection of over twenty international double, multiple, or joint degrees. At the same time, numerous classes are also offered in English to enrich local and international students’ academic experience. Being among the largest universities in Spain, the University of Granada welcomes many international students each year to its educational premises. It currently has five campuses and a wide variety of degree programmes to choose from. This university is internationally recognized for its research excellence in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, Health Sciences, etc.

3. University of Salamanca 

Type: Public University

Apart from being a renowned higher education institution, the University of Salamanca is one of the first European universities, founded 800 years ago, in 1218. Today, this university is among the only institutions which have maintained their activity throughout centuries. The University of Salamanca encompasses a community of more than 30,000 students from more than 50 nationalities. Salamanca is recognised internationally as one of the leading university cities, especially considering its student population. Moreover, it has the oldest university in Spain, the University of Salamanca. This university has four campuses, in Salamanca, Ávila,

Zamora, and Béjar and, every year, it receives over 7000 students from all continents.

4. University of Barcelona

Type: Public University

With over 63,000 students across its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, this university is one of the country’s most innovative universities. Located in the vivid city of Barcelona, it offers the perfect environment for international students who like to be part a modern and cosmopolitan city. This university counts over 12,000 international students in its student population and more than 100 agreements with some of the world’s best universities. Students enjoy the latest technological developments and state-of-the-art facilities, in all 16 faculties within the university. As one of Catalonia’s oldest institutions, this university has century-long teaching and education experience. 

5. Autonomous University of Barcelona

Type: Public University

The Autonomous University of Barcelona gathers around 1,474 international students in its undergraduate programmes and 1,112 international students pursuing their master’s degree. This university is recognised for its efforts to promote teaching and research quality and attract international students worldwide. It occupies significant positions among the world’s major ranking lists, and it is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. Students can find classes in English, Spanish, or Catalan at this university, depending on preferences and capabilities. 

6. EU Business School, Barcelona

Type: Private University 

Recognised for its excellence in business, the student population at EU Business School in Barcelona comprises over 100 nationalities. The course content at this higher education institution is entirely in English, including lectures, assignments, presentations, exams, or dissertations. Students can also transfer between campuses, located in cities like Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, and Munich. EU Business School offers academic knowledge matched with an individual perspective and a competitive edge to prepare graduates for the future job market. 

7. Schiller International University, Madrid

Type: Private University 

Schiller International University aims to adequately prepare students for future leadership positions in an international setting. Students earn the necessary knowledge and skills to build their professional career and succeed at it during their studies. The educational process at Schiller International University emphasises the importance of developing international competencies and cultural agility, through foreign languages, transfer between campuses, and interaction with people of diverse backgrounds. With more than 130 nationalities amongst its student population, this university offers an exceptional environment to thrive, learn more, and create long-lasting friendships (and knowledge).

8. European University of Madrid

Type: Private University 

The European University of Madrid holds amongst its mission and values the comprehensive education and training of leaders and professionals, to prepare them for the needs of a global world and ensure they contribute to social progress. This university aims to remain distinguished and always put the students first. While this university does have its roots in Madrid, the global resources are never missing. As an inclusive and multicultural institution, European University of Madrid values diversity and respects all cultural differences, and students from abroad are more than welcome to pursue their studies here. 

9. Pompeu Fabra University

Type: Public University

Pompeu Fabra University is a public higher education institution located in Barcelona. Named after the Catalan linguist, Pompeu Fabra, this institution was founded in the year 1990, which makes it a relatively young university. Pompeu Fabra University overseas ten research centres specialising in Law, Economics, Business, Health, Communication, etc. PFU aims to promote innovation and social transformation to contribute to social wellbeing. One of its missions is to become a prominent research university and achieve international leadership in its areas of expertise. With thousands of international students in its degree programmes, this university enjoys a diverse and comfortable academic environment.

10. Complutense University of Madrid

Type: Public University 

The Complutense University of Madrid offers a wide range of courses in other languages for non-Spanish speaking students. It is among preferred colleges in Spain for international students, offering distinguished professors, excellent educational facilities, and groundbreaking research opportunities. This university helps students obtain the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed in their future careers and tackle any societal challenges. As a world-renowned university, students get to be part of a university that places great emphasis on knowledge and supporting its students towards their future career goals.

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